MRC Computer A/S

Renonord uses a customized handheld terminal solution from Delfi with Dolphin 6000 Scanphone from Honeywell.
The new handheld terminal solution is being used to manage the time- and salary registration at Renonord.

The solution from Delfi is delivered to Renonord in cooperation with their IT distributor, MRC Computer A/S, who was asked to find a solution for Renonord.

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Delfi kåret til Gazelle virksomhed

Technologies A/S er nu for anden gang blevet kåret til gazelle virksomhed. Dagbladet Børsen har hvert år siden 1995 identificeret og kåret Danmarks vækstelite.

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Delfi Technologies A/S - Denmark - Galoche Alle 1 - 4600 Køge
Phone: 70 222 555 - Fax: 70 222 666 - E-mail:
Aim Axiohm Barcoda Barcode Barcodesymbol Barcodescanner Barkode Billetprinter Blaster Bonpapir Bonrulle Bonprinter Butiksudstyr Bærbar Cardprinter Casio Ccd Cft Cim Cino Citizen Concorde Datafangst Datalogic Datamax Dataopsamling Delfi Retail Dalfi Bacis Delfi Sales Delfi Logistics Ean Etiket Etiketprinter Falcon Folie Formula Freetech Giga Gryphon Handheld HHP Håndterminal Id-system Idware Kasseskuffer Kelgray Kortlæser Kortprinter Kundedisplay Label Labelprinter Labelruller Labels Lager optælling Lagerstyring Laserpistol Laserscanner Logistik Mærkning Navision Pc-worth Penlæser Periferiudstyr POS Preh Proxim Psc Radix RF Rf-tag Sap Scanner Sokymat Sotac Stregkode Stregkodeetiket Stregkodelæser Stregkodeløsning Stregkodeprinter Stregkodescanner Stregkodeudstyr Systel Tags Terminal Termoprinter Termotransfere Thermoprinter Touch-pc Trace Track Transponder Truckterminal Vareregistrering 1Mb flash memory Bartender label software 31B-AIT MSR + in center Bartender label software PRO Bartender Label Software 4 color ribbon, 2 pack 4 phone jacks 60mm CCD scanner with 80mm CCD scanner with A630 Desktop 58mm A631 portable Bluetooth A631 portable printer A758 Slip/Bon printer A760 multistation Color A794 Thermo Ethernet A794 Thermo Fast Rs232 A794 Thermo Fast Seriel A794 Thermo Par.interfa A794 Thermo Parallel A794 Thermo USB interfa A794 Thermo USB+RS232 A795 Thermo Seriel/USB AD50 Antenne ADP200 9 pin impact App 1, Ordre App 2, Ordre m/serie nr. App 3, Indkøb App 4, Status App 5, Status m/ serie App 6, Optælling Auto Charger Cap73 Auto Cutter Kit Auto cutter kit for Autocutter Heavy Duty Autocutter Standard Barcode Blaster Dual IF Barcode Blaster Paral. Barcode Blaster Termo Basic battery back f. 96xx Battery F8500 + HHP Dolphin 7400RF - LX Imager Battery pack for HHP Dolphin 9500RF TFT Color HHP Dolphin 9500RF TFT Color Black Ribbon (2 pack) Bon Printer w. Autocut Bonprinter 720P Matrix CAB-320 Std.DL RS232 CAB-321 Laptop cable CAB-321 std. IBM PS2 CAB-322 std. IBM AT/ CAB-323 wand emula CAB-324 for Dragon CAB-325 cable std. CAB-327 RS232 cable Cab-328 RS232 with CAB-330 std. IBM PS2 CAB-342 Std.IBM PS2 CAB-345 cable RS232 CAB-348 Wand mail CAB-353 OCIA 9P Powerscan RF LR - Kit Powerscan RF SR - Kit Powerscan RF XLR - Kit CAB-362 cable CAB-362 RS232 9 pin CAB-365 STDIBM PS2 CAB-366 Din wedge CAB-370 RS485 kabel Cab-412 USB Cable Cabel 30 way 1,25 mm Cabel QS1000-6000/DUET + Cable cable AT/PS2 F951RF Cable for ADS special Cable for Apple/MAC Metrologic Eclipse scanner USB Cable for DUET scanner Cable for Duet/VS800 Metrologic Voyager Laserscanne Metrologic Voyager Laserscanne Metrologic Voyager Laserscanne Cable for IBM Port 5 Metrologic Voyager Laserscanne cable for PC/AT Metrologic Voyager RS232 9pin Metrologic Voyager Trigger PS2 Cable for QS6000,QS1000, cable for QS6000+ Sure-One Cable for STI HP700 cable for STI Wedge PCAT Cable for STI Wedge PS/2 Cable for STIwedge (SP400) Cable for VS1200 Omron5500 Cable for VS800 Wand Emu. Cable IBM-3486 keyboard Cable Kbw, IBM317X/8X/9X Cable PS2 11 feet (3meter) cable QS6000 9F RS232 Cable QS6000+ for LAPTOP Cable QS6000+/Powerscan+RF Cable RS232 9 pin female Cable RS232 with ext power Gryphon D100 scanner Cable STI for IBM 347X/8X cable STI for laptop Gryphon D200 scanner Cable SureOne for VS800 Cable VS1200 IBM SureOne Cable VS1200 Riva HS5462 Cable VT1200 IBM Port 9 Cap72 w.128Kb Kit Incl. Cap73 w.1MB Ram Laser Cap73 w.512Kb Laser 4Key Cap73-T w.1MB Ram Capture Software. Casio RS232 PC cable DT9000 CBM 262RS232 two stati HHP IT3800-12 Long Range CBM 820 Slipprinter CBM IDP3420 RS232 CBM IDP3421 RS232 CBM IDP3423 RS232 CBM IDP3550 RS232 CBM IDP3551 RS232 CBM RS232 termal print CBM-1000II High speed CBM-1000PF parallel CBM-270RF, 230L CBM-293F,dc,Par+RS232 Clamshell CHPN-9050 CLP-1001 Termo printer CLP-2001 labelprinter CLP-521 small labelpr CLP-6401 400dpi TT CLP-7201e labelprinter CLP-8301 Wide Label- CLP-9001 Autocutter CLP-9001 Labelprinter Code Courier Code Courier TT/RF Code Ranger, WIFI CodeRanger, 1,89' DT, Connect Cutter unit Common Del Sol 4,2', 300 dpi DEL SOL DUAL I/F DEL SOL DUAL I/F, 2,4' Del Sol Dual interface DEL SOL w/ Ethernet DL910-11 EIA RS232 DL96XX 4-slot bat ch DL96XX Batteri Li-Io DL96XX single cradle DLC6090-M1 DLC7070-M1 CCD GUN DLC7075-M1 CCD GUN DLL6015-M1 LR laser DLS2032 barcode DPS8000 wedge decode Dragon M101 Dragon M101/D Dragon M101/D LR Duet Dual Action Scanner Ethernet interface Ethernet interface for Ethernet printboks F525 Mem. Pen-64Kb F530 mem. pen w.64Kb F625 128kb F630 Display pen F650/512Kb Pen F660E-512Kb pocket F660RF 128Kb F720 Scanner RF F725 leather holster F725E/2Mb Laser F725E/2Mb LR Model F725E/512KB LR model - F725E-512k laser - F725-RF UK 128 kb F750-1/512K Laser- F750LR 256Kb Laser F915 for 750 F915/4 Transceiver F925 Transc./Charg F925/4 Transceiver F950/4 Tranc/Charger F950/4/C Multi F951 Cradle RS232 F951/C Battery Numerical Keypad w.Card reader Numerical Keypad w.Card reader Numerical Keypad w.Card Reader F951/E Charger/Tranc F951VT Vehicle-mount F970 IrDA Char.f7400 F970-V Vehicle cradl F985 485 char/Trans F985 IRDA Tran/char F985V Vehicle Mount. Falcom Belt for 33X Falcon 1 slot Batteri chg. Falcon 330 Batch 8+2 Mbyte Falcon 335RF Cisco 11 Mb Falcon 335RF Lucent WP II Falcon 340 Batch 8+2 Mbyte Falcon 345RF Cisco Std. Falcon 345RF Lucent Falcon Battery NiMH 3XX Falcon Communication Cable Falcon Four-Slot charger Falcon Holster for 3XX Falcon Single dock Fixed Pos. Reader Flex74 2+2Mb, 24key Flex74 8+4MB w. NiMH Flex74 8+8MB, 24 Keys Flex74 8+8MB, 37 Keys Flex74 NIMH Battery Flex74 Pro2+2Mb,37key - Flex74RF 24 key 2+2MB Flex74RF 37Keys 2+2Mb Flex74RF E-version - Flex74RF-1, 24K, Flex74RF-1, 37K, Fotocelle-scanner Gryphon BT100-CS KIT Gryphon D100 scanner Gryphon D120 RS232 Gryphon D200 scanner Gryphon Desk-wall Gryphon M100-RF Sæt Gryphon M200-RF Sæt Heron D130 Iris Black Ribbon Iris printer Engl.Vers. Label og Bon printer label peeler kit for Leather Holster Logistics Lucent PC Card Falcon LYNX D302 E, 2D LYNX D302, 2D Reader Læder etui F8500 Læder etui for Læder etui for Flex74 Magellan 2200VS scanner Magellan 2300HS scanner Magellan 8200 RS232 9pin MM10 1K Micromux monitor 9' black/white Mounting kit for Multi Charger 4 slot Multi Charger 8 slot PD-04 Portable printer Panasonic Digitalt kamera PG12 12VDC/700aM PG220-DVE-1212A PG5/FW7230/05 5VDC PN60 Battery Rechargeb PN60 Parallel Kit PN60 seriel kit PN60i Infrared POS PC POS Std. incl. PC, bon- POS XL incl. PC, bonprin Power supply FPS18 PowerNet Twin Client PowerNet Twin-clint PowerScan LR Range f. Key PowerScan LR Range f.RS232 Powerscan RF LR - Kit Powerscan RF SR - Kit Powerscan RF XLR - Kit PowerScan Std Range PowerScan Std Range for PowerScan XLR RS232/Wedge Powersupply for VS1200 Powersupply FPS1 for Proc. cover for F750 Protective Case-Belt QS1000 KBE/RS232 QS2500 ccd scanner incl. QS2500 RS232 SNI 12' cable QS6000+ for STI Wedge QS6000+ Holder QS6000+ Wedge/RS232 Quickscan6000+ Keyb./RS232 Quickscan6000+ USB I/F receipt printer 80mm Retail RF Satellite RS232 RF Satellite RS485 RS232 cable PC-AT 9 pin RS232 strømfors - i center Sales Serielt kabel f A715 Solus DT with Peeler SPC Desk-wall holder SPC-5010 Desk/wall SPC-6010 Desk/wall Stander for QS6000 Thermal receipt printer Vehicle Mount holder for VS800 Wedge/RS232 Wax Ribbon, 60mm 12 Pin Fischer(CURLY) free end Falcon 330 Batch 8+2 MByte 3S RS232 cable for 423/460 RS 3S-460 ekstra indsats 45-20-10kScan w. BB Master 6 pin Fischer, Free End Cable 60mm CCD scanner with fixed -60mm CCD Wand scanner AC Adapter Epson PC Portable Apex Cable for ClipperCom Apex V.32 bis ClipperCom 14.4 Argos 2 ips printer Axiome Basestation til RS422 Axnet 640 - 1 Par. Port RJ45 Baracoda CCD Bluetooth Baracoda Laser Bluetooth Baracoda Pensil Bluetooth Barcode Slot Scanner with BARMAN 128 Kb 17 Taster BARMAN 128 Kb 34 Taster BARMAN basesstation RS232/PC Barman battery Uniform Cardreader tra. 1+2+3 BARMAN std. loader/charger Uniform Cardreader tra. 1+2+3 Bartender label software Uniform Cardreader tra. 1+2+3 Uniform Cardreader tra. 1+2+3 Bartender label software Uniform MSR222 card reader Bartender label software PRO Birch 111 tasters POS Keyboard Birch 18 Keys Keyboard incl. Birch 4' Label Printer Birch BD306+ PS2 Cable Birch CD128 Strømforsyning Birch key for POS103 Birch kortlæser Birch Thermo Transfer Printer Black Box RS232/RS485 BN apparatstik lille Bonruller til EHT-30 printer Cabel 6 pin minidin 3 pin Hosi Cable Ass. FLX5/205/605-PC/AT Cable Ass. HHC-PC/AT 9 Way D Cable Assembly FL1/5 to PC-AT Cable Assembly FL1/5 to PC-XT CaseBase New Slimline 10 coin Cash Base Costplus Concept Cash Bases Space saver cash Cash Drawer 8 Coin 4 notes Cash drawer Coin insert for Panasonic Process Unit til Cash Drawer EP-184. 10 coin Cash Drawer EP-300. 8 coin Cash Drawer EP-300. 8 coin Cash Drawer Euro standard Cash Drawer Euro standard in Cash drawer flip top, Black Cash drawer flip top, White Cash Drawer Fliptop Inox Top Cash Drawer Fliptop RS232 Cash Drawer for IBM 469X Cash drawer IBM SureOne Cash Drawer Large Cash Drawer låg Cash drawer RS232 interface Cash Drawer w.RS232 in Black Cash Drawer with RS232 9 pin Cash Drawer with RS232 9 pin. Cash Drawer, 1 Slot in front Cash Drawer, 8 coin 4 notes CashBase 2000 drawer w/ 8 coin Cashbase Space Saver Sliding L Cash-drawer insert for 3S-423 Casio IT-500 Casio IT-500 RF CCD Scanner w. K.B. Wedge CIM Black ribbon CIM Cleaning pen, Jumbo size CIM Cleaning pen, Slim size CIM Cleaning roll f. Optima CIM Color foil 5 panels YMCKO CIM Color ribbon YMCKO 5 panel CIM Colors YMCKOK CIM COMBI 1000 Pro-series v.02 CIM Plastic Card, PVC, White CIM head cleaning cards. CIM K10 Mono kortprinter CIM K200 Mono Cardprinter CIM K200C Color cardprinter CIM K200CM Color cardprinter CIM K200M Mono cardprinter Cim K300 Color EM Optima Cim K300 mono optima CIM K300 Monocrome card print Cim K300, Color optima CIM K300C Optima Color w. USB CIM K300CEM Color, Smartcard CIM K300CM3C Color mag.encoder Cim K400 Color EM optima, flip Cim K400 Color M optima Epson TM-T88III USB i/f Termo Cim K400 Color optima Cim K500 Color M, Flip over CIM K500CEM Farve plast kort Cim K600 Color M, Flip over CIM Plastic Card, PVC - Lamin CIM Plastic Card, PVC, white CIM Plastic Cards, PVC lamin CIM Red Ribbon CIM Ribbon cim Diam 20 Green A631 portable Bluetooth CIM Ribbon cimage Diam 20 blu A758 Slip/Bon printer CIM Ribbon Gold CIM Ribbon gul CIM Ribbon Silver CIMage K300CM Optima Mag.enc. Cino MBC-6890 High D. Class 1 Cino MBC-6890 L-Range, Class 1 Comax labelprinter 300 DPI A794 Thermo USB+RS232 Connector Cover EHT CPOS monitor 15' 3M Touch, A795 Thermo Seriel/USB C-POS Slimline POS PC 1.8 GHZ ADP200 9 pin impact ADP200 9 pin impact ADP200 9 pin impact C-POS Spectrum III portable CBM-1000PF parallel Datalogiv PG24 Powersupply CBM-1000II High speed DataMate Wand Terminal Denso Cable Denso CU-6001 Display Dual tracks, K/B emulation Dual Tracks, RS232 Bonprinter 720P Matrix ECD Lockable LID for CDA-MS EHT-10 256K Computer EHT-10 Case (incl. printer) EHT-10 Development Cartridge EHT-10 Universal Cartridge 2 Elastic Carry Strap FW60 Epsob TM-U210PB Parallel C-POS Spectrum III portable Epson BA-T102 Serial interface Epson TM-T88III Parallel,Black Preh Cabel PS2 IF for MC25 Epson TM-T88III Parallel,White Epson TM-T88III Seriel, Black Epson TM-T88III USB i/f Termo Epson TM-T88III, Seriel, White Epson TM-T90-011,High speed Epson TM-T90P-011,High speed Extech MST IV Portable printer FLX5 5 way FW60 Loader/Charger FP40 Fieldworker Printer FP40 Harness - Plastic FP40+ Printer Freetech 9' Monochrome Monitor Freetech Display 2x20 with FreeTech VFD Display 12VDCadap FreeTech VFD Display Black FW DOS port A/B to FP40+ FW60 DOS 1,25 MB FW60 port A to FP40 cable FW60 Rechargeable Battery Pack SA Extender cable SMA - M/M FW60, 256Kb, 21 keys, grå FW60, 256Kb, 40 keys, grå Genicom Cartridge w/128k mem. Giga 2 X 2 Keycab with len Giga Leather Bag for WM3000 Giga Mifare-A SN Reader RS232 Giga TMS Touch memory reader Giga TMS Vægterur tagreader Giga-TMS ProxID Reader Freeend Giga-TMS Time recorder RS232 GIGA-TMS Time Recorder RS-232 GIGA-TMS Time Recorder RS-422 GlobeTrotter GPRS Card bulk GlobeTrotter GSM / GPRS & WLAN HHP 3870 High Density for PS2 HHP 3870 LX kit for PS2 HHP 3870 LX kit for RS232 HHP 3870 LX Scanner HHP 3875 LX Kit scanner PS2 HHP 3875 LX Kit scanner RS232 HHP 4-slot charger for Dolphin HHP Battery pack for Dolphin HHP D7X00 Homebase station for HHP Dolphin 7400RF - LX Imager HHP Dolphin 9500 Bluetooth Std HHP Dolphin 9500 GPRS/GSM TFT HHP Dolphin 9500RF TFT Color HHP Dolphin 95XX battery HHP Dolphin 95XX Homebase HHP Dolphin 95XX QuadCharger HHP IT3800 Infrared Linear HHP IT3800 LX, RS232 complete HHP IT3800-12 Long Range CAB-362 RS232 9 pin HHP IT3800-13 Long Range TRUE HHP IT3800-13 LX Long Range HHP IT3810-MDKIT Scanner HHP IT3810-SERKIT Scanner HHP IT3810-USBKIT Scanner HHP IT4410-12LX, 2D, KIT HHP IT5600 Kit Keyboard wedge HHP IT5800 Kit Keyboard wedge HHP Quick Check 200 verifier HHP Quick Check QCPC600 6mil HHP Quick Check SV-100 HHP Quick Check verifier 210 HHP Quick Check Verifier 600 HHP Quick Check verifier 610 HHP Quick Check Verifier incl. Hitachi C compiler V.2.0 ICD insert for EU-8-8 cash ICD KSC modul for SS-102-RS232 ICD Lockable lid for EU-8-8 Ink Black PRINTIVA 700-1700 Ink BlueMet.PRINTIVA 700C/1700 Ink Cyan - PRINTIVA 700C/1700 Ink Gold PRINTIVA 700C/1700 Ink Multi - Printiva 700C/1700 Ink Red - PRINTIVA 700C/1700 Ink Red Met.PRINTIVA 700C/1700 Ink Silver PRINTIVA 700C/1700 Ink yellow PRINTIVA 700C/1700 Inno ID-10 ID tagreader Inno ID-12 tagreader, 12+cm Inno ID-130 in Diecast Box, Auto cutter kit for Inno ID-15 tagreader 125KHz 15 label peeler kit for Inno ID-2 tagreader, no inter- Inno ID-20 tagreader RS232/MAG Inno ID-40 Tagreader 10m cable Inno ID-40 Tagreader Rs232/MAG Inno Longrange reader for ISO Ethernet interface Inno Longrange reader UNIQUE Insert for FT-100 Lockable lid for cash drawer Insert with Lid f. FT-100 International cashdrawer RS232 Investix PX58 Irda Beige,RS232 J2 200cx low cost thin client J2 820cx base unit w 128MB RAM J2 920cx base unit w 128MB RAM J2 Cardreader KBW for 820CX J2 Cardreader RS232 for 820CX J2 CD RW 8x8x24 f. 920cx J2 VFD Pole Dieplay f.920cx Jarltec CCD scanner 20R Kasseskuffe for / Epson Kasseskuffe for Bonprinter Kasseskuffe OffWhite Print I/F Label Mate CAT-2 Rewinder Label Mate Cat-2 Standard Label Mate CAT-Mini Rewinder Labelmate unwinder with 16' Lid for 3S-423 with L+F Locks Lockable Lid for 3S-423 Lockable Lid for 3S-460 Lockable lid for cash drawer Lucent PC Card Silver 64 bit Mail-Mark-5 A4 ark Main battery EHT-10 Meonic MDC-2 LCD Flat 9,4' S/H Metrologic ArgusScan w/ dual- Metrologic communication cable Metrologic Cubit 6520 m. USB Metrologic Cubit Plus scanner Metrologic Eclipse scanner PS2 Metrologic Eclipse scanner USB Metrologic Handscanner Omnidir Metrologic InVista 7320 for Metrologic InVista 7320 for Metrologic keyboardwedge Metrologic Liberty scanner Metrologic Mini Slot Scanner Metrologic MS 700/860i Comm Metrologic MS-720 w. MS-941 Metrologic Orbit Keyboard Metrologic Orbit Keyboard Metrologic Orbit RS232 scanner Metrologic Orbit, USB I/F, Metrologic power supply Metrologic Powersupply for Metrologic Projection Scanner Metrologic scanner RS232 intfa Metrologic Voyager Laserscanne Giga-TMS ProxID Reader Freeend Metrologic Voyager RS232 9pin Inno ID-10 ID tagreader Metrologic Voyager Trigger PS2 Numerical Keypad w.Card reader Panasonic Cleaning Pad for Panasonic Cyan toner til 8410 Panasonic digital kamera Inno ID-20 tagreader RS232/MAG Panasonic Digital Video Panasonic Digitalt kamera Panasonic Fuser unit for Panasonic Fuser Unit til P8410 Panasonic Imaging Unit Panasonic Imaging unit for Panasonic Magenta toner til Panasonic netværkskort Panasonic Oil Supply Roll for Panasonic Oil Supply unit for Panasonic Paper output tray Panasonic Process unit til Panasonic sort toner til Panasonic Sort toner til 8410 Panasonic Transfer unit for Panasonic Transparency paper Panasonic Yellow toner til PCMCIA seriel kort Pen-Reader incl. USB interface Pen-Reader PS2 stik Pen-Reader with RS-232 Vision 15.1 LCD Monitor POS display stand VFD display, POS I/O kort POS Keyboard 59 keys Powersuply 6V + center Preh Cabel PS2 IF for MC25 Preh Interface Cable 5 pin din Preh Touch Commander 15,1' PREH keyboard MC25 MSR 1+2 Preh keyboard MC35/ MSR 1&2 Preh Keyboard Without Cardread Preh MC25 MSR-1+2 Preh MC35 POS keyboard Preh MC35 POS keyboard, 35key Preh MC84, incl. MSR 1+2+3 in Preh MC84, w/o MSR in color Preh MCI128 Alpha Black kbe. Preh MCI128 Black Preh MCI96 keyboard Black E1 Preh Modul w/ MSR track 1 & 2 CPOS monitor 15' 3M Touch, CPOS monitor 15' 3M Touch, Preh MR128 Tastatur TVS 10,4 TFT LCD Color screen TVS 10,4 TFT LCD Color screen Preh PC-POS Keyboard W.MSR 1+2 TVS 12,1' TFT LCD Color screen TVS 12,1' TFT LCD Color screen TVS 12,1' TFT LCD Color screen Preh POS 84 keys keyboard Preh POS keyboard MC128 WX std Preh POS keyboard W/O Cardread Cash Drawer for IBM 469X Cash Drawer 8 Coin 4 Notes Cash Drawer 8 Coin 4 Notes Preh Program disk til Preh Preh Touch Commander 12,1' Cash Drawer 8 Coin 4 Notes Preh Touch Commander 15,1' Proxim RangeLAN2 PC R111N/360 Blue Folie for R111T/360, Green Folie Radix AC601 powersupply Radix Batteri Cover for FW60 Ribbon cimage diam 20 white Cash Base Costplus Concept Runtime Licens Håndterminal Cash Drawer EP-184. 10 coin SA Extender cable SMA - M/M SA Extender cable SMA M/M Cash Drawer EP-300. 8 coin SA Pigtail Lucent-SMA male SA Pigtail Lucent-SMA female SA VO5/24 radome antenna 5dBi SA VO6/24 outdoor antenna 6dBi SA VP165/24 kit incl 5 meter Cash Drawer Fliptop RS232 Seiko Powersupply 220V Shinsei Thermo Transfere Siemens MC35 Modul GPRS Siemens TC35 terminal Simple Station for WIN95,98 Slimline ECD layflat Socket Bluetooth CF Card Soering PCI card for ST-94A SP*ACE Barcode Scanner Preh PC-POS Keyboard W.MSR 1+2 Tastaturovertræk. Time recorder Time recorder w/adaptor RS232 Tipro Keyboard 126 taster Tipro Keyboard POS 60 taster Tipro POS Keyboard 119 Tipro Tastatur POS 38 TokenRing card PCMCIA card TVS 10,4 TFT LCD Color screen TVS 12,1' TFT LCD Color screen Preh MC84, w/o MSR in color Preh MC84, incl. MSR 1+2+3 in TVS 12,1' video TFT monitor TVS 15,1' TFT monitor,Metal- TVS Industrial 15.1' LCD moni UFO scan RS232 interface Uniform Cardreader tra. 1+2 Uniform Cardreader tra. 1+2+3 Uniform cardreader track 1+2 Uniform Chipcard Read-Write Uniform Hybrid Card reader Uniform Magnetic reader+writer Magellan 2200VS scanner Magellan 2200VS scanner Uniform MSR106B-3 TK33 RS232 Uniform MSR222 card reader Metrologic Cubit Plus scanner Uniform UIC-801 Cardreader Unitech PA950 802.11b Unitech PA950 w/ scanner Metrologic Orbit RS232 scanner Unitech PA960 802.11 Unitech PA960 Battery Unitech PA960 w/ scanner Unitech PA9XX 2 slot battery Metrologic InVista 7320 for Unitech PA9XX 4 slot battery Unitech PA9XX Car holder + chg Unitech PA9XX Cradle incl Unitech PA9XX powersupply -Unitech PT/600/4,5MB Ram USB Cable for BD406+408 Utility Disk PF-10 / PX-4 Vision 12.1 TFT LCD Barcode Blaster Termo Vision 15.1 LCD Monitor Vision 15.1 TFT LCD 16.7m Barcode Blaster Dual IF Vision 18 TFT LCD Elo 5 DEL SOL DUAL I/F Visitkort 25 stk a4