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Electronic Shelf Labels in Beauty & Fashion

Ensuring the same prices online and at the shelves in a physical store can be challenging. Electronic shelf labels makes it easier for beauty and fashion stores to change prices quickly and ensure that the prices online and at the shelves in a physical store match. 

The values of electronic shelf labels in beauty and fashion:

  • Can show that your prices have been checked against your competitors' online prices
  • Omnichannel synergy - same price in physical store as on the webshop
  • No manual and costly tasks by replacing paper shelf edges, giving staff more time for sale and service
  • Opportunity for more frequent campaigns
  • The possibility of using QR-codes on the header front edge - for example, allows the customer to scan the code with his phone and order the item on the webshop



This is how Breece System can help you

Electronic shelf labels play a key role in creating a personalized and engaging customer experience. The shelf edge is the most powerful sales influencer - a majority of purchase decisions is made here. Benefit from a dynamic Breece solution and change promotions easily, anywhere - in seconds. 


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