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Electronic Shelf Labels in food retail

Changing prices manually is a time-consuming process. Electronic shelf labels help food retailers such as convenience stores, supermarkets and hyper markets to change prices quickly and respond to competitors' moves. 

The values of electronic shelf labels in food retail:

  • Be able to change prices at a click and respond to competitors' moves in seconds
  • Reduce food wastage by gradually adjusting the pricing of time sensitive goods (e.g. fruit and vegs)
  • Get dynamic pricing and protect your margins with price automation 
  • Get price accuracy at the shelf edge and reduce customer complaints
  • Free up your staff to focus on your customers and promotional activities

Increase sales and bottom line with electronic shelf labels

Imagine having the flexibility to do special promotions during the day... A local promotion for ice cream on a hot summer day? Or doing a special promotion for milk at the end of the day to reduce food wastage.

Breece System at Danish Coop

The Danish food retailer, Coop, has rolled out Breece System and fully graphic electronic shelf labels (Chroma Red) in many of its stores to quickly and easily change price and product information at the shelf edge. Coop is using the Chroma Red labels to highlight promotions in-store, enabling customers to simply spot selected products.


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