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Pharmacies & Drugstores

Electronic Shelf Labels for pharmacies and drugstores 

Enriched and up-to-date information at the shelf edge is useful for both staff and consumers. Electronic shelf labels can be used in pharmacies and drugstores to provide the right information at the right time.

The values of electronic shelf labels in pharmacies and drugstores:

  • Free up staff to be more available for consumers
  • Get enriched information at the shelf edge


Get automatic updates of products and prices

Use Breece System and electronic shelf labels to make sure that your shelf edges always are updated with the right product and price information. Send information directly from your system to the labels - in seconds.


How electronic shelf labels turn pharmacy into one of the most modern pharmacies

Breece System and electronic shelf labels turn the 'Rathaus-Apotheke' pharmacy into one of germany’s most modern pharmacies. "We were able to manage the new label system in no time at all. The Delfi system really worked from the first minute," says Florian Wehrenpfennig, Owner, Rathaus-Apotheke pharmacy.


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