Delfi Label 107 x 26mm, Direct Thermal, 1685 labels - 2016739

Delfi Label 107 x 26mm, DT, Permanent, Hvid

1685 pr.rl. Pris pr.rl. Perf., Indv. spolet, Ø=40m

Direct Thermo (DT) is an easy to use label material as the color is in the label and only needs to be warmed up by a DT label printer. The DT material is designed for shorter durability as opposed to the Thermal Transfer technology and is often used for example transport and shipping labels or where there is no greater durability / resilience requirements. The durability is influenced by heat and light etc.


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Item number: 2016739
Label type
Direct Thermal
Printer brand:
Delfi Label
Printer model:
CL-S521, CL-S621

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If you are looking for shipping labels, you can see our shipping label guide. It also refers to the right labels distributed across different carriers.


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