The pharmacy of the future in Italy

Pharmacies today need to innovate new technologies to support more efficient working methods, in order to save time and costs while providing a high level of customer service. Thanks to the Breece System with fully graphic electronic shelf labels, pharmacies can automatically update products and prices throughout the pharmacy. Once a change is made in the pharmacy ERP, the new information will be updated on the electronic shelf labels. In this way, it is possible to ensure effecient pharmacies and be able to meet the high expectations from the customers.

Delfi Technologies is present on the Italian market – from north to south. Here are just some of our installations:

  • Farmacia Della Cicogna, San Lazzaro Bologna
  • Farmacia Paltrinieri, Budrio Bologna
  • Farmacia Del Viale, San Giovanni la Punta Catania

They all represent the “Pharmacy of the Future”.

"Viale Pharmacy offers a high level of customer service. We have invested in the newest technology witin electronic shelf labels to get the opportunity to ensure automatic updates of products, prices and offers."

Dr. Paolo Petitto-Pharmacy Owner of Viale San Giovanni La Punta Catania

Fully automatic product and price updates

The electronic shelf labels are linked to the Pharmacy Software, when the products are updated in the pharmacy system, the changes will be automatically reflected on the labels, leaving the time to the pharmacy advice instead of spending resources to update prices on the shelves.

About Breece system

Breece System is fully supported by the most standard Pharmacy Software in Italy, it provides detailed information and self-updates on a quick, simple and safe way.

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