Georg fischer – barcodes and data capture speeds up workflows

At the global supplier of piping systems, Georg Fischer, barcode scanners are used to simplify workflows on welding tasks. Using barcodes, the settings for the task in question are loaded automatically on the complex welding machines – a solution that saves both time and errors.

With a long success history dating back to 1802, Georg Fischer has developed into a global industrial concern today. Over time, the company has built up solid experience in piping systems, which is largely based on innovation and the use of new technology.

Every single day, millions of fittings are used worldwide in connection with welding tasks and piping systems. For both large and small welding tasks, the necessary welding equipment is needed. In many cases, Georg Fischer is the company behind.

"We have worked closely with Delfi Technologies for many years, as they can offer the right knowledge about barcode solutions and they can solve our technical challenges."

Kim Jørgensen, intern salg - servicecenter, Georg Fischer


To facilitate the workflows associated with the use of advanced welding machines, Georg Fischer uses barcodes to automatically set up the machines. All fittings have a barcode attached with specific information about the welding task.

In Denmark, Georg Fischer needed a local expert with the right know-how within barcodes and data capture. This is where the collaboration with the IT company Delfi Technologies arose 25 years ago, which has since then supplied barcode scanners and customized cables to Georg Fischer.

– We have worked closely with Delfi Technologies for many years, as they can offer the right knowledge about barcode solutions and they can solve our technical challenges, says Kim Jørgensen, who has been with Georg Fischer for more than 20 years and works with internal sales in the Danish service center.


Delfi Technologies has set up the barcode scanners in a way so that they can work with the complex welding machines – both the old machines and those with the latest technology.

– It has not been an easy task to set it up and solved technically. There is a big difference between the newer welding machines and older machines. But we got it solved together with Delfi, who has made a special configuration, says Kim Jørgensen.

– Today, the welding machines are much more advanced, but the scanner solution has kept up with the development and meets our needs. It is a “one fits all” solution, where the same barcode scanner works for all types of welding machines.

The barcode scanners are used to enter data such as temperature and duration of the welding task in question. Then the welding machines start automatically and make the necessary welding.


The welding tasks take place in all kinds of weather, and therefore the welding machines are exposed to many different conditions. It also places great demands on the durability of barcode scanners.

– It is a requirement that the scanners are particularly robust, as they are exposed to rough conditions on demanding tasks, says Marketing Manager, Jan Zaremba, who like Kim Jørgensen, has been with Georg Fischer for more than 20 years.

On the welding tasks, the welding machine often stands in one place and at the same time, the operators need to move around to scan the barcodes. Therefore, Georg Fischer also needed a special cable for the scanners.

Delfi Technologies has customized a coiled cable, where the length of the cable can be extended as it is flexible. At the same time, the cable can also automatically retract again from its full working length.

Today, Georg Fischer is using the solution in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.


Georg Fischer was founded in 1802 and is today a global industrial concern within piping systems. With more than 60,000 products, GF Piping Systems is a leading supplier of safe and reliable transport of liquids and gases. GF Piping Systems offers complete system solutions through sales companies in 34 countries.

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