Metropolitan – the pharmacy of the future in Munich airport

A location located where the world meets puts great demands up on a pharmacy in order to reach an extraordinary service level

The pharmacy of the future needs to innovate new technology supporting smarter ways of working in order to remove unnecessary time and money from the daily operation. And since you will find this in probably the most demanding conditions – being located in an airport where the world meets – only a great performance helps you to come up to the customer’s high expectations.

For Metropolitan Pharmacy, operating pharmacies at the airports of Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin, Düsseldorf, and Hamburg, its name stands for a high level of consulting expertise, a wide range of products, and service of the highest quality. This includes the delivery of your pharmaceuticals directly on the airplane, if that is what you need. Focusing on its core business and a high level of service are, therefore, two of the reasons why Metropolitan Pharmacy has implemented Breece Cloud and electronic shelf labels in Munich airport, helping the pharmacy to handle updates on products and prices with no further work required from the staff.

"Metropolitan Pharmacy stands for a high level of consulting expertise and that is part of our core business - electronic shelf labels let us focus on that."

Florian Wolf, Pharmacist at Metropolitan Pharmacy in Munich Airport Metropolitan pharmacy - Munich Airport Center

Automatic product and price updates – from ERP to shelves

The electronic shelf labels are linked directly to the pharmacy’s ERP, so when products or prices get updated in the pharmacy’s system, the changes will automatically be reflected at the shelves throughout the pharmacy, leaving time for the pharmacy’s staff to focus on a high level of consulting expertise instead of spending resources on time-consuming label changes.

In addition to saving time, the electronic shelf labels also provide a great flexibility for the staff in the pharmacy. The design of the displays is easy to change so the pharmacy can show exactly the information it wants, whenever it wants. When a product update comes from the system, the display will automatically pick the pre-defined design template – it could e.g. be deciding to link two products to one display instead of two in order to save space at the shelf edge.

About Metropolitan & Breece System

In Munich airport, Metropolitan Pharmacy has 4 pharmacies, 1 located in Terminal 1 (public area) and 3 located in Terminal 2 (transit area & public area) – placing Metropolitan Pharmacy among the world’s first pharmacies in a transit area.

Breece System is fully supported by the most standard pharmacy integrators in Germany and the solution is installed by a number of pharmacies distributed throughout the country.

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