Salling group has optimized their retail businesses with smartphones

The IT department in Salling Group has paid all BR, Bilka and Føtex stores a visit to optimize the communication in a busy work environment. This has been done through a collaboration with the IT company Delfi Technologies, which has resulted in the implementation of more than 5.000 new smartphones in 155 stores.

In collaboration with Delfi Technologies, Denmark’s biggest retail group, Salling Group, has replaced the old IP phones in all BR, Bilka and Føtex stores with a new phone solution, which contains of both smartphones and wide range of new apps.

– There are 20 years of technological innovation between the old phone and this smartphone. It’s not just a smartphone – we’ve installed a lot of nice software. It helps our colleagues to provide even better service in the stores, to our customers says Steen Isdahl, COO at Salling Group.

"So, why did we choose this phone? We decided to go for it together with Delfi, because it meets our expectations for battery life – very important! Security, indeed. And durability."

Steen Isdahl, COO, Salling Group


With this project Salling Group has given 12.000 employees in the stores a new and smart tool in their hands. Directly on the mobile PDA (model: Delfi PM45), the employees can look up stock levels and find the accurate placement of the product. They can also order products from their exact spot in the store. The new solution has saved the Salling Group employees for approx. 1 mio. steps every month.

Now, the cashier can work both faster and more efficiently by using the new smartphone with the walkie-talkie function (Zello push-to-talk), from which it is possible to reach out for a whole department or just one specific person. It is also possible to send pictures via the smartphone, so when having to find a product in the store, the employees can send and receive pictures from each other.

– Before, when you were working at the checkout, and needed a barcode for a textile item, you announced over the P.A. that someone from the clothes department should see the cashier, you wait, you hand over the clothes item, she returns with an item, with barcode. And you complete the transaction, Steen Isdahl tells.

All this is no longer necessary for Salling Group since there is no need to make detailed descriptions or use unnecessary time waiting at the checkout.


Salling Group has now taken 5.000 units into operation in 155 stores which are also supported by a service agreement with Delfi Technologies, so the stores always run smooth and without hassles.

– So, why did we choose this phone? We decided to go for it together with Delfi, because it meets our expectations for battery life – very important! Security, indeed. And durability, Steen Isdahl explains.

The Salling Group IT department can make remote support on all units via SOTI which gives a full overview. In this way, the units can be configurated, updated and supported. In Zello Analytics, it is also possible to follow up on statistics of the push-to-talk usage of in the stores.


Salling Group er Danmark største detailkoncern og servicerer ugentligt 11 millioner kunder. Med dagligvarebutikker i tre lande, webshops, stormagasiner, supermarkeder, discountbutikker og hypermarkeder. Koncernen driver i dag mere end 1.500 butikker fordelt på kæderne Bilka, føtex, Netto og Salling og sammen med internationalt anerkendte brands franchise-kæderne Starbucks og Carl’s Jr.

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