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Skjern Maskinforretning: Store has been modernized with digital price tags and Kramp’s Retail Solution Powered By Kramp

Rapid adaptation is the key to success in a time of rapid technological advancement. Skjern Machine Shop and Kramp, a trusted supplier of agricultural spare parts, have collaborated to create a modernized store with digital price tags.

Many machine shops today struggle to maintain their competitiveness in a market that is constantly evolving. Here, Kramp, a leading supplier to agriculture and industry, stands ready with an innovative solution. Kramp has developed a store concept that fits the industry as it looks today.

With Kramp’s store concept, Skjern Machine Shop’s customers – both professional and private – have access to a wide range of over 500,000 quality products. In addition to saving time and trouble, the concept also ensures that the machine shop can always offer its customers the best and most up-to-date range.

"Delfi Technologies' solution with digital price tags saves us a tremendous amount of time, while also providing a much better customer experience. Now our prices are always up-to-date, and customers can clearly see what the current price is - both with and without VAT."

Tove Andreasen Store Manager at Skjern Maskinforretning

Always relevant supply of quality goods

One of the greatest advantages of Kramp’s store concept is that the store’s product range is carefully curated based on data from Kramp and the selection is continually updated. This ensures an always current selection of quality goods for Skjern Machine Shop’s customers, but also entails extra work to keep the price tags updated.

However, the time of manually updated price tags and the hassle of keeping up with fluctuating market prices is over. Skjern Machine Shop has streamlined their store by implementing digital price tags from Delfi Technologies throughout the store. This innovative solution not only saves time and manpower but also ensures that customers always have access to accurate and up-to-date price information.

Efficient product management with digital price tags

Delfi Technologies’ digital price tags are a smart solution that allows businesses to easily update and manage their prices in real-time through integration with their cash register or ERP system. With Delfi Technologies’ app, Breece Go, employees in stores can easily link products and signs.

When scanning the sign’s barcode and then the product’s, the sign is linked to the unique product. After a few seconds, the digital price tag shows the product information and price. The linking itself only needs to be done once; going forward, the digital sign will automatically update prices and product information when changes occur in the store’s system.

Greater flexibility and better adaptability

Kramp has chosen to incorporate digital price tags into their store concept to meet the need for greater flexibility and better adaptability in today’s dynamic retail environment. With digital price tags, Skjern Machine Shop can effortlessly update prices to reflect new campaigns and offers from Kramp’s price files, which are updated quarterly. This ensures that they are always one step ahead. Additionally, Skjern Machine Shop no longer needs to manually set up, print, and replace price tags in the store. It all happens automatically as soon as there are changes in the price files.

Skjern Machine Shop’s collaboration with Kramp is a strategic step into the digital future of retail. By embracing innovative solutions like digital price tags and Kramp’s store concept, they are setting a new standard for the industry. As technology continues to evolve, Skjern Machine Shop and Kramp are ready to lead the way and offer customers a great and inspiring shopping experience.

About Skjern Maskinforretning

At Skjern Machine Shop, they specialize in servicing and repairing agricultural and construction machinery, including leading brands such as New Holland, Kuhn, Rauch, Samson, Thaler, and Polaris.

With a modern workshop and 16 fully equipped service vehicles, Skjern Machine Shop is ready to keep customers up and running with efficient and reliable service. Located near Kramp, they also ensure fast delivery of spare parts, and with their 24-hour service, they are always available to assist customers.

About Kramp

Kramp is Europe’s largest specialist in spare parts and accessories for agriculture, construction, forestry, and landscaping. The company provides a wide range of products and solutions to its customers, ranging from machine spare parts to maintenance products and much more.

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