Bike Shops

Bike Shops

Solutions for the Bicycle Industry

Delfi Technologies currently provides a wide range of solutions for the bicycle industry, from tire labels to advanced digital price tags that meet the needs of both bike dealers and customers. These solutions help bike dealers run their businesses more efficiently and enhance the overall customer experience.

Tire labels help efficiently identify and organize tire inventory in bike shops. These labels provide clear and precise information about the tire’s characteristics and specifications, making it easy for staff to find the right model for customers.

Digital price tags are revolutionizing the way bike dealers communicate with their customers. These tags can display not only prices but also offers, promotions, and essential information such as stock levels, available sizes, and relevant accessories directly on the tags. This allows dealers to tailor their sales strategies and increase customer satisfaction by providing relevant and updated information in a visually appealing way.

In addition to these solutions, Delfi Technologies offers barcode solutions that improve efficiency in key processes such as goods receipt and inventory counting. By implementing barcode technology, bike dealers can quickly and accurately record received goods and maintain precise inventory counts. This reduces errors and saves time, resulting in more efficient operations.

Delfi Technologies also offers market-leading POS solutions for a seamless payment process for customers. These solutions include barcode scanners, receipt printers, and POS screens. This enables customers to pay quickly and conveniently, increasing customer satisfaction.

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