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Sports & leisure

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Delfi Technologies currently serves as a sparring partner and supplier for sports and leisure stores looking to revolutionize the customer experience through modern technology.

Efficient Barcode Scanners at Checkout

Say goodbye to long lines and waiting times. Our efficient barcode scanners at checkout speed up the payment process, allowing customers to quickly return to what they love—their sports and leisure activities.

Inventory Counting

End manual inventory counts that take forever. Our inventory solutions automate inventory management and keep track of every single product. This not only makes managing inventory easier but also ensures that the store is always stocked with the newest and most popular products.

Digital Price Tags on Clothing

Provide your customers with instant information on prices and availability. Digital price tags on clothing not only show the price but also inform customers if their desired size is in stock. Save time, avoid frustration, and create a more efficient shopping experience.

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At Delfi Technologies, we understand the industry – we have the expertise with over 35 years of experience.

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