Highlights from Delfi Summit 2024

Highlights from Delfi Summit 2024 - a day filled with networking, technology, and inspiration

Delfi Summit is an annual event for our customers and partners, offering an opportunity to stay updated on the latest trends and technologies in retail.

Delfi Summit 2024 took place on Thursday, May 16th, at Comwell Køge Strand (Denmark) – an exciting afternoon and evening filled with networking opportunities, technological updates, and inspiring presentations from prominent players such as Spejder Sport, REMA 1000, and Pisiffik.

Participants had the chance to upgrade their knowledge in retail, network with industry professionals, and gain inspiration to strengthen their businesses. The conference provided in-depth insights into strategic store operations, customer experiences, and the right tools for both staff and customers.

After a day of inspiring presentations, the conference concluded with a delicious 3-course dinner, drinks at the bar, and an overnight stay in cozy surroundings.

Spejder Sport: The Nordic Region’s First Circular Outdoor Concept

Thomas Vangsgaard, CEO of Spejder Sport, presented their groundbreaking store concept, RETUR, which is the first of its kind in the Nordic region. RETUR focuses on the circular economy and re-commerce, integrating secondhand products with click & collect and electronic gift cards. Thomas Vangsgaard explained how this concept creates synergies between traditional stores, e-commerce, and re-commerce, thereby fostering a more sustainable business model.

REMA 1000: Behind the Scenes at REMA 1000 Denmark

Ronni Poulsen, IT Manager at REMA 1000, shared insights into the REITAN Group and REMA 1000’s impressive growth, now surpassing 400 stores. Ronni Poulsen highlighted the rapid conversion of Aldi stores to REMA 1000 and the crucial role of technology in this process. He explained how the effective use of technology ensures smooth store operations, including inventory management, ordering processes, cash registers, and customer service, ultimately enhancing the customer experience and easing the staff’s workload.

Pisiffik: Efficient Logistics in Greenland’s Leading Retail Chain

From Pisiffik, IT Manager Kristian Aagaard and Deputy Logistics Manager Rune F. Siepmann provided insights into the technological infrastructure supporting Greenland’s leading retail chain, which encompasses 12 food and non-food concepts. They emphasized the importance of efficient logistics for Pisiffik’s success and their ambition to become more data-driven. The challenges of Greenland’s supply network were also discussed, including the vast distances between stores, long delivery times, and unpredictable weather.