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Card readers

Comprehensive range of card readers and magnetic stripe readers

Efficient registration and identification

Card readers

Delfi Technologies offers a comprehensive range of card readers and magnetic card readers designed for a wide range of applications within the healthcare sector, including physiotherapy practices, medical clinics, and other facilities where efficient registration and identification of patients, guests, or members is needed.

Increased mobility and efficient data capture

What is a magnetic card reader?

A magnetic card reader is a device used to read data stored on a magnetic stripe card. These cards are commonly used for various purposes, including:

Payment systems: Many payment cards, such as credit cards and debit cards, use magnetic stripes to store account information. A magnetic card reader can be used to read this information when the card is inserted or swiped through the reader during a transaction.

Access control: Magnetic cards can also be used in access control systems, where users gain access to specific areas by presenting their card to a reader. The reader then verifies the validity of the card and grants or denies access based on the stored information.

Identification: In some cases, magnetic cards are used as a form of identification, such as health insurance cards, membership cards for gyms, library cards, or employee IDs. A magnetic card reader can be used to verify the identity of individuals presenting these cards.

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Time registration: Companies can use magnetic cards to record employees’ working hours. When an employee arrives at the workplace, they can swipe their card through a reader to record their arrival time.

Loyalty programs: A magnetic stripe can contain information about a customer’s loyalty program, such as points or discounts. By using a magnetic card reader, businesses can easily track customer activity and provide rewards based on purchases or other actions.

Our range of card readers is specially designed to ensure reliable and fast reading of various types of cards, including health insurance cards, membership cards, and other identification cards. These card readers are compatible with a wide range of card technologies and can seamlessly integrate into existing systems.

Whether it’s for patient registration, access control, or membership management, our card readers can meet various needs and ensure an efficient and reliable identification process. We also offer customized solutions and professional advice to ensure that our customers get the right solution for their specific requirements and applications.

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