Digital signage and infoscreens

Visual communication

Digital signage and infoscreens

Flexible and engaging communication

Improved visibility, customer experience, and efficiency

Digital signage and infoscreens

A digital signage solution is a digital form of signage or visual communication that typically utilizes TV screens, large monitors, or similar display technologies to show dynamic content such as text, images, videos, and animations. Digital signage can be used to inform, entertain, advertise, and engage audiences in an effective and visually appealing manner. Businesses and stores can communicate with their target audience in a more flexible and engaging way compared to traditional signs or posters.

A digital signage solution can contribute to enhancing the visibility, customer experience, and efficiency of stores, which can lead to increased sales and customer satisfaction. Today, digital signage solutions are used in a wide range of industries and environments, including supermarkets and groceries, hotels and restaurants, transportation, education, offices, and public spaces. Digital signage serves to inform, entertain, advertise, and engage audiences effectively and visually appealingly.

Display of dynamic content


A wide range of businesses also use info screens in their digital signage solutions. An info screen is another form of digital signage used to display dynamic content such as text, images, videos, news, weather forecasts, advertisements, and other types of information. These screens are typically placed in public spaces, businesses, educational institutions, and retail stores to provide useful information and communicate with the audience in an effective and continuously updated manner by delivering relevant real-time content. For example, in airports, train stations, and bus stations, info screens are used to display flight schedules, train and bus departures, gate information, advertisements, security alerts, and other relevant information to passengers.

What does a digital signage solution consist of?

A typical digital signage solution consists of the following components:

  • Screens: These can be LCD or LED screens of various sizes and formats, mounted on walls, stands, or other locations where they are visible to the audience.

  • Media Players: A media player is responsible for playing the digital content on the screens. Media players can be embedded in the screen itself or external devices connected via HDMI or other connectivity options. The media player typically receives and processes content from a central server or local storage and sends it to the screen for display.
  • Software: Digital signage software allows users to create, schedule, and manage the content displayed on the screens. The software should ideally include features for creating templates, scheduling playback times, monitoring screen status, etc.
  • Content: This can include everything from advertisements, product reviews, news, guides, social media feeds, and more. The content can be updated and customized in real-time to meet changing needs and events.

Breece Vision 4K - digital signage løsning

At Delfi Technologies, we have developed a digital signage solution that can be used on existing TVs/screens. Our Breece Vision 4K solution is a digital price tag for your TV – a 4K digital signage solution that supports 4K video quality, high-resolution images, logos, slideshows, multi-product displays, animated icons, and more. Combined with video capabilities, Vision 4K enables you to boost sales by highlighting products and prices on TVs, linked to data and updates in your ERP system such as prices, specifications, and product data – essentially any type of data available in your system.

Benefits of Digital Signage

A digital signage solution can offer a variety of benefits, including:

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