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Glove/ring scanner

A ring scanner, also known as a glove scanner or wristband scanner, is a type of barcode scanner designed to be worn on the user’s wrist or fingers as either a ring or a glove. These scanners are ideal in situations where the user needs to have hands free for other tasks while being able to scan barcodes quickly and easily.

A ring scanner typically consists of a small device mounted on a ring worn on one of the user’s fingers. The device includes a barcode decoding engine and a small scanner that can read barcodes on products or items by simply moving the finger over the barcode. Some models of ring scanners may also have built-in feedback mechanisms such as vibrations or audible signals to confirm that the barcode has been scanned correctly.

Glove scanners operate similarly to ring scanners but are integrated into gloves instead of rings. These scanners allow the user to scan barcodes by simply pointing at them with the hand, providing a more natural and intuitive scanning experience.

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Ring scanners and glove scanners are particularly useful in industrial environments, warehouse facilities, retail, and healthcare where employees often need to handle items while being able to scan barcodes quickly and efficiently. These scanners enable users to work more effectively and productively by freeing up hands for other tasks while still performing real-time barcode scanning.

Greater freedom of movement

Why choose a ring scanner?

The choice between a ring scanner and a traditional barcode scanner depends on the usage scenario and the user’s needs. Here are some reasons to choose a ring scanner over a traditional barcode scanner:

Freedom of movement: Ring scanners allow users to have hands-free operation while still being able to scan barcodes. This is particularly useful in situations where users need to handle items or perform tasks that require the use of both hands.

Increased productivity: Wearing a ring scanner on the wrist enables quick and easy barcode scanning without the need to handle a separate scanning device. This can reduce the time it takes to complete tasks and increase productivity in work processes.

Ergonomics: Ring scanners are designed to be lightweight and comfortable to wear, minimizing strain on the user’s hands and arms during prolonged use. This ergonomic design can help reduce the risk of work-related injuries and enhance user comfort and well-being.

Better accessibility: Ring scanners may be more accessible and easier to use in certain environments or work situations where traditional barcode scanners may not be practical or suitable. This could include tight spaces, high shelves, or other situations where maneuvering with a traditional scanner is difficult.

In comparison to traditional barcode scanners, ring scanners offer greater freedom of movement, increased productivity, improved ergonomics, and better accessibility in certain situations. These factors make them an attractive choice for businesses and organizations seeking efficient and flexible solutions for barcode management.


A successful e-commerce comet has opened a new giant warehouse spanning 10,000 square meters.

It has become popular to knit and crochet again. The rapidly growing yarn company,, sells millions in yarn and has just opened a brand new large warehouse in Greve. This is part of their growth ambitions, where new technology is also set to support processes at the new warehouse.

“At the warehouse, technology is intended to provide employees with a good experience and assist them in their work processes, reducing unnecessary time spent on picking and shipping goods.”

– Stefan Andersen, Head of Special Projects, Hobbii

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At Europe’s largest skate shop, SkatePro, we are experiencing tremendous growth in e-commerce and exports. Therefore, the company has continuously invested in additional warehouse space and most recently in a new online scanner solution for the warehouse, ensuring rapid product registration to keep up with the increasing demand.

“It’s all about maximizing efficiency so we can deliver packages on time. Our online scanner solution is integrated directly with our own system, allowing us to scale up relatively easily when entering new markets.”

– Bjørn Sørensen, IT Administrator at SkatePro

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