Healthcare Handheld Terminals

Designed to meet the requirements

Healthcare handheld terminals

Healthcare handheld terminals and PDAs

Impressive range carefully designed for the healthcare sector

Healthcare handheld terminals

Delfi Technologies offers an impressive range of healthcare handheld terminals and PDAs meticulously designed to meet the stringent requirements of the healthcare sector, especially concerning cleaning and hygiene. These mobile solutions play a crucial role in enhancing patient safety and improving the experience for both healthcare professionals and patients by providing reliable and efficient tools for critical daily tasks.

Robust design tailored for demanding environments

One of the key features of Delfi Technologies’ healthcare handheld terminals is their robust design, tailored for the demanding environments within the healthcare sector. These devices are constructed with materials that withstand repeated cleanings and disinfections without compromising performance or reliability. This allows healthcare professionals to maintain the highest hygiene standards without sacrificing the functionality of the technology.

Mobility is crucial in the healthcare sector, where staff need to perform critical tasks regardless of their location. Therefore, it is essential to have mobile devices that are lightweight and ergonomically designed to ensure comfort during extended use. Wireless functionality enables healthcare professionals to access important information in real-time, increasing efficiency and ensuring they are always updated with immediate access to patient data and records.

Integrated barcode scanners also allow for the capture of vital information about patients and specimens, where patient wristbands with barcodes can efficiently identify individuals.

Through our partnerships with leading manufacturers of mobile healthcare devices such as Zebra and Datalogic, we ensure access to the latest technology to meet the specific requirements of the healthcare sector.

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