Mobile POS systems

Flexibility and mobility

Mobile POS systems

A portable solution

Improvement of customer service and efficiency

Mobile POS systems

A mobile POS system (Point of Sale) provides the necessary flexibility and mobility to conduct sales transactions anywhere and anytime – inside or outside the store. Mobile POS systems are a portable solution that enables stores, restaurants, and other service sector businesses to process sales transactions, accept payments, and perform other cash register functions using mobile devices such as handheld terminals, mobile PDAs/smartphones, and tablets.

Extra benefits on busy days

Mobile POS systems provide additional benefits on busy days like Black Friday and other days with increased store traffic for several reasons:
Some of the key features of a mobile POS system include:
Overall, a mobile POS system enables businesses to improve customer service, increase efficiency, and adapt to the changing needs of the modern retail environment and service sector.

mPOS from Softpay

Delfi Technologies collaborates with Softpay to offer mobile POS solutions, enabling businesses to perform cash register functions and manage payments directly from Delfi Technologies’ mobile Android devices such as handheld terminals, mobile PDAs, or tablets. By integrating Softpay’s innovative POS software (mPOS) with Delfi Technologies’ high-quality hardware, companies can create an efficient platform for handling sales transactions, improving customer service, and optimizing operational efficiency.
Regardless of whether it’s retail, restaurant, hotel, or any other type of business, mPOS allows for implementing a mobile POS solution tailored to their specific needs and industry.

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