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Office print

Print solutions for offices

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Office print

Delfi Technologies offers complete printing solutions for office printing, designed to meet various needs and purposes across different industries. Our range of office printers encompasses a wide array of advanced technologies and features aimed at ensuring versatility and efficiency in office printing processes.

Label printers for offices

Delfi Technologies’ label printers are tailored for precise labeling. Office label printers can produce sharp and durable labels, making them ideal for a wide range of tasks.

Labels for office

We also offer customized labels and tags for the office, suitable for everything from documentation and product identification to name tags.

Receipt Printers for Office

Some businesses also need to print receipts or tickets directly from the office, and in this context, a receipt printer is ideal due to its ability for fast and accurate printing.

4-Color Inkjet Printers

Our selection of 4-color inkjet printers provides the opportunity for vibrant and detailed prints. This is ideal for color documents, graphics, and marketing materials that require high image quality and accuracy. In this context, many businesses use the Epson TM-C3500, which, with an impressive resolution of 720 x 360 DPI, can handle the printing of images and graphics.

Linerless printers for office

Our selection of linerless printers offers a sustainable solution that minimizes waste, as the label is printed without backing material. Linerless printing is ideal for labeling scenarios where reducing waste and optimizing production speed are important considerations.

Mobile printers for office

Our mobile printers are designed to meet the needs of professionals who work on the go. These devices enable wireless printing from mobile devices and laptops, making them ideal for use in the office, service industry, fieldwork, and logistics.

Office banner printers

Delfi Technologies also offers banner printers that are suitable for producing large and impressive banners and posters. They can be used for presentations, events, and marketing, providing office printing from A4 to large formats.

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