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Package labels

Delfi Technologies is a provider of efficient solutions for package labels, shipping labels, and shipment stickers. Our range covers everything from software for designing and setting up package labels to label printers, ensuring the right prints that are tailored to ensure durability during transportation while remaining easily readable.

With user-friendly label software, one can set up and design their shipping label and add necessary information such as barcodes, shipping details, recipient name, and address in a professional and structured manner.

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Shipping labels

If you’re unsure about which type of freight label to choose, check out our guide here:

Once the design is in place, our label printers can help print sharp and clear labels in various sizes and materials suitable for the transportation environment. The labels can be water-resistant, durable, and resistant to wear, ensuring they remain easily readable throughout the shipping process.

We can assist with automated systems for label printing, increasing efficiency and accuracy in the shipping process. This ensures that each package receives the correct label in the right size and quality.

In short, at Delfi Technologies, we can provide an integrated solution that encompasses all aspects of the package label process. From software and design to durable materials and automated printing processes, we are dedicated to optimizing your shipping operation and ensuring your labels meet the highest standards of durability and readability.

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