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Pick list print

Delfi Technologies offers customized print solutions designed to optimize printing of pick lists and sales order overviews for efficient warehouse processes with inventory management and order processing. Facilitate goods picking with our innovative warehouse solutions. Save time and resources by optimizing order picking. Our warehouse solutions enable precise information on pick lists for clear visibility, resulting in faster and more accurate order processing.

Pick list overview

Gain a comprehensive overview of your pick lists with detailed information that helps optimize warehouse processes and minimize unnecessary handling of goods. Improve order processing with our integrated inventory management software. Centralized control over inventory allows you to handle orders efficiently and quickly adapt to changes in demand.

Pick list printing

“Our printing solutions can also help print accurate and user-friendly pick lists. With our specialized label printers, you can generate detailed pick lists that include essential information about items, locations, and quantities. This makes picking more efficient and precise while reducing the time spent on manual tasks.”

Picking of products

To enhance warehouse management and picking, we offer advanced handheld terminals and PDAs. By integrating these devices into your warehouse operations, you can ensure a seamless and accurate picking process. Employees can easily identify and pick the required items with minimal risk of errors. These devices also allow employees to scan barcodes, update inventory data, and perform picking tasks in real-time. This improves the accuracy and speed of warehouse operations.

New technology at Hobbii

Successful e-commerce comet has opened a new giant warehouse of 10,000 square meters.

It has become popular to knit and crochet again. The rapidly growing yarn company Hobbii.dk sells millions worth of yarn and has just opened a brand-new, large warehouse in Greve. This move is part of their growth ambitions, where new technology will also support processes at the new warehouse.

“At the warehouse, technology will contribute to providing employees with a good experience and assist them in their work processes, reducing unnecessary time spent on picking and shipping goods.”

– Stefan Andersen, Head of Special Projects, Hobbii

Increase in efficiency

SkatePro: Rising e-commerce demands efficient warehouse solutions

At Europe’s largest skate shop, SkatePro, there has been tremendous growth in e-commerce and exports. As a result, the company has continuously invested in more warehouse space and most recently, a new online scanner solution for the warehouse, ensuring fast product registration to keep up with the increasing demand.

“It’s all about maximizing efficiency so we can deliver packages on time. Our online scanner solution is integrated directly with our own system, allowing us to scale up relatively easily if a new country comes onboard.”

– Bjørn Sørensen, IT Administrator at SkatePro

See how we assist Normal.

Delfi assists Normal with solutions for retail and warehouse.

In NORMAL’s more than 300 stores across 6 countries, serving thousands of customers daily, there is a significant demand for a reliable setup. Therefore, NORMAL has partnered with Delfi Technologies, who provide efficient solutions for both store and warehouse operations.

“Delfi Technologies ensures solid operation in the stores and at our central warehouse with smooth solutions for inventory counting, customer service, replenishment, and other operational tasks.”

– Søren Sivebæk, IT Director at Normal

Control over the warehouse

Full control over packages at the central warehouse of Solar Denmark

At Solar in Vejen, there is a 45,000 m2 automated central warehouse equipped with an advanced distribution system and high delivery reliability. An efficient flow in the warehouse is crucial for handling the massive volumes of goods passing through the system daily. To achieve this, Solar has implemented a barcode solution enabling digital documentation and full control over the flow of packages.

“We are very digital in many of our processes, aiming to be as efficient as possible. Therefore, it was natural for us to implement a digital barcode solution for documenting package deliveries.”

– Kristian Duch, Director – Group Supply Chain / Group Transport

Process optimization

New solution increases efficiency at the warehouse of Løbeshop.dk

Løbeshop moved into newly renovated premises with more space at the old Trelleborg wheel factory in Hadsten in February 2019. In conjunction with this move, process optimization has been prioritized. A new scanning system for picking items has been implemented, contributing to increased efficiency at the warehouse.

“The new scanners are part of our strategy to become even more efficient. By optimizing processes, we save time and ultimately deliver packages faster to our customers. This allows us to achieve greater efficiency across the board.”

– Rolf Mørkøre Andersen, co-owner of Løbeshop.dk

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