Product Labeling

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Product labeling

Labeling of products

A central role in creating a more efficient supply chain

Product labeling

Product labeling plays a central role in creating a more efficient, accurate, and transparent supply chain, which can have positive effects on the company’s bottom line and customer satisfaction.

Benefits of product labeling

Product labeling, especially through the use of barcodes and advanced identification technologies, brings several advantages to businesses in inventory management and retail.

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Many benefits of product labeling

Here are some of the primary benefits of product labeling:

Labeling solutions

Delfi Technologies is a leading provider of labeling solutions, offering a wide range of products and services designed to optimize processes in inventory management and retail. Our product range includes everything from barcode labels to advanced handheld terminal solutions with integrated software for warehouse management, ensuring seamless product registration.

Barcode Labels and Product Tags

We offer a diverse selection of barcode labels that meet industry standards. These labels and tags are used to identify and track products in warehouse environments and can be customized to fit business needs. Our range also includes product tags in various sizes, customizable with product information, prices, and barcodes. These tags play a crucial role in providing information to both staff and customers.

Handheld Terminals

Our advanced handheld terminals integrate hardware and software for product labeling and efficient inventory management. These devices enable employees to scan barcodes, update inventory levels, and perform other related tasks in real-time.

Warehouse Management Software

Our software solutions for handheld terminals and PDAs are designed to integrate and optimize warehouse management processes. This includes features such as inventory counting, traceability, order handling, and reporting to facilitate the process of labeling and registering goods.

Barcode Labeling

Delfi Technologies’ solutions enable fast and accurate labeling of goods in the warehouse using barcodes. This not only facilitates inventory management but also reduces errors and increases efficiency.

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