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Push to talk

Strengthens communication

Optimization of work processes

Push to talk

Push-to-talk is becoming increasingly common in warehouses, stores, and other work environments where this technology can optimize work processes. In combination with handheld terminals, mobile PDAs, and tablets push-to-talk functionality allows employees to communicate quickly and effectively. The technology enables users to send and receive instant voice messages with the press of a button, creating a fast and seamless communication channel.

More mobility and flexibility

Focus on mobility and flexibility

Push-to-talk provides greater mobility and flexibility, as employees can move around freely while staying connected, which is crucial in dynamic environments such as warehouses and stores.

Optimization of warehouse management

In the warehouse, this technology can be used to streamline warehouse management. Employees can quickly coordinate tasks, communicate about inventory, and address any challenges instantly. This reduces errors, increases productivity, and enhances collaboration.

Improved Store Operations

In the retail environment, Delfi Technologies has implemented push-to-talk and mobile PDAs to enhance communication among store staff. The staff can quickly respond to customer needs, update inventory status, and collaborate effectively to improve the customer experience. This creates a smoother and more responsive store operation.

Enhance the experience with VoCoVo in-store communication

Get the opportunity to optimize in-store communication through our collaboration with VoCoVo—and make a real impact on efficiency and customer experience. Your team can instantly respond to inquiries over the phone or at the checkout, streamline pickups, and check inventory remotely. Colleagues can connect with each other, their customers, the headquarters, and even smart devices around the store using their VoCoVo headset.

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