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RFID labels

More and more companies are embracing the technological wave of RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification). At Delfi Technologies, we offer tailored RFID solutions, including advanced RFID labels and tags.

RFID labels with tags can be used for everything from ensuring increased traceability to performing quick and more precise inventory counts. Our range is extensive and covers everything from design and production to the implementation of RFID technology.

We can deliver specialized RFID labels designed to meet specific needs. RFID tags can be customized with precise information about the objects being tracked, enabling detailed and accurate traceability solutions.

Unique identification and precise traceability

RFID technology enables unique identification of each object through RFID tags. These tags can contain relevant information about the product, such as production date, batch number, or other customized details. This unique identification and information are crucial for creating reliable and accurate traceability in the supply chain or inventory management system.

Delfi Technologies specializes in integrating RFID solutions into a company’s existing systems. This allows for the creation of a seamless and efficient traceability solution that can be tailored to the company’s unique requirements and operational processes.

By implementing RFID labels with tags, companies can achieve improved efficiency, accuracy, and transparency in their supply chain or inventory management. It enables rapid identification and tracking of goods, which can reduce errors, minimize losses, and enhance overall operational performance.

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Increased efficiency and fewer errors

RFID technology has proven to be a game-changer in tracking and identification systems. With the ability to automatically collect data and identify objects in real-time, RFID technology has paved the way for efficient inventory management, improved traceability, and reduced errors in the supply chain.

We have extensive experience in RFID solutions, including labels and tags tailored to meet specific needs across various industries—from retail to logistics and manufacturing.

In addition to RFID tags and labels, a typical RFID solution also includes an RFID label printer and/or RFID handheld terminal for reading and scanning RFID labels.

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