Robust barcode scanners

High quality and long lifespan

Robust barcode scanners

Designed for industrial environments

Fast and accurate scanning

Robust barcode scanners

Delfi Technologies offers a comprehensive range of robust barcode scanners specially designed for industrial environments where reliability and durability are critical. Our industrial scanners are built to withstand harsh conditions commonly found in industrial settings, including drops, shocks, dust, dirt, and more.

Our robust barcode scanners are engineered to endure the most demanding work conditions, crafted from high-quality materials ensuring long lifespan and dependable performance. These devices are designed to operate seamlessly in extreme temperatures, humidity levels, and other environmental challenges, making them suitable for use in industrial production facilities, warehouses, transportation, and more.

In addition to their rugged construction, our durable barcode scanners feature advanced barcode decoding technology that ensures fast and accurate scanning in all conditions. They offer various connectivity options, including wireless and wired connections, providing flexibility and easy integration into existing systems.

A sensible decision

Why choose a robust barcode scanner?

A robust barcode scanner is a sensible decision for businesses operating in industrial environments or other demanding work areas. They offer reliable performance, long durability, and flexibility, making them a valuable investment for any company needing dependable barcode management.

There are several reasons to choose a robust barcode scanner:

Durability: Robust barcode scanners are built to withstand harsh environmental conditions including shocks, drops, vibrations, dust, dirt, and humidity. Their sturdy construction ensures reliable operation even under challenging conditions, reducing downtime and the need for frequent repairs or replacements.

Reliable Performance: Robust barcode scanners are designed to deliver fast and accurate barcode decoding even in difficult environments. Their advanced technology ensures they can read barcodes quickly and reliably, enhancing efficiency and productivity in work processes.

Flexibility: Most robust barcode scanners offer various connectivity options, including wireless and wired connections, and support for different types of barcodes. This flexibility allows users to integrate scanners into different systems and customize them to meet specific needs.

Long Lifespan: Thanks to their robust construction and reliable performance, robust barcode scanners have a longer lifespan compared to more fragile models. This reduces costs in the long run and provides users with greater value for their investment.

Our robust barcode scanners are designed to meet the needs of industrial customers requiring reliable and durable barcode management solutions. With our expertise and experience in industrial automation and identification, we take pride in offering high-quality products that deliver reliable performance even in the most challenging conditions.


NORMAL: Growth success increases the demands for efficient logistics

NORMAL is a rapidly growing retail chain. This growth places significant demands on ensuring that warehouse and logistics operations can keep pace. Therefore, the chain has implemented technology from the IT company Delfi Technologies, which integrates the entire warehouse.

“When we choose a partner to collaborate with, it’s crucial that they also act as our sounding board so that we can find the best possible solution together.”

– Søren Sivebæk, IT Director at NORMAL




Robust tablets create value as indispensable work tools at BP Castrol in Vietnam

With distribution centers throughout Vietnam and a large customer database, BP Castrol sells leading oil products in the Vietnamese market. Delfi Technologies, a European solution provider with a presence in Vietnam, has met the need for a mobile and robust work tool that helps BP Castrol’s salespeople become even more efficient.

Choosing Delfi as the solution provider was driven by BP Castrol’s need for a strong supplier with extensive experience in mobile barcode solutions for industrial use and substantial customer references.


Georg Fischer - Faster workflows with barcodes and data capture

At the global supplier of piping systems, Georg Fischer, barcode scanners are used to streamline workflows in welding tasks. By utilizing barcodes, the settings for each specific task are automatically loaded onto the complex welding machines—a solution that saves both time and reduces errors.

“We have had a close collaboration with Delfi Technologies for many years because they provide the right expertise in barcode solutions and help us solve our technical challenges.”

– Kim Jørgensen, Internal Sales – Service Center, Georg Fischer


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