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Ticket printing

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Ticket printing

Delfi Technologies is your complete partner in ticket printing solutions, covering a wide spectrum of purposes and events. Our comprehensive product range is designed to meet the needs of ticket printing, from airline tickets and movie tickets to access cards for amusement parks, festivals, concerts, lectures, and more. Whether it’s for large concerts or smaller lectures, Delfi Technologies aims to deliver technologically advanced and user-friendly solutions that streamline the ticket printing process.

Our product range includes:

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Label printers

Our label printers are customized to precisely and reliably print high-quality tickets and labels. They are designed to handle various ticket sizes and ensure that barcodes and information are clear and easy to read.


Receipt printers

For professional and fast printing of receipts and tickets, our receipt printers offer reliable solutions. These printers are ideal for situations where immediate printing of tickets is required at the checkout or entrance.


Our selection of labels is carefully chosen to meet the specific requirements of ticket printing. We offer high-quality labels that ensure durability and clear printing of essential information.

Customized to your needs

Pre-printed tickets

For those who prefer pre-printed tickets, we offer customized solutions that can be tailored with event-specific details such as logos, dates, and barcodes. This makes ticket management more efficient and professional.

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