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Tyre labels

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Tyre labels

At Delfi Technologies, we offer both standard and customized printing solutions for tire labels. Our standard tire labels include stock labels for the most popular tire sizes and types. When it comes to customized solutions, we can provide customer-specific options such as pre-printed logos.

We assist in managing tire storage and essential information like tire type and size. Our range includes software for designing and setting up necessary tire labels, along with label printers and labels in appropriate sizes and materials. Our goal is to ensure that tire labels contain all necessary information about the tire type and comply with relevant regulations.

Choosing the right tire label

To manage different seasons effectively, you can categorize your tire labels with colors for specific seasons. Tire labels must be robust and durable to withstand the tough workshop environment.

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How do I get started?

We have compiled our recommended labels, label printer, software, and barcode scanners so you can quickly and easily get started printing your own tire labels.
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Design tyre labels

With BarTender label software, designing and customizing tire labels is straightforward. The intuitive software ensures that essential information such as tire type, size, and relevant safety details can easily be integrated into the design. This is crucial for meeting regulatory requirements and ensuring that each tire label contains accurate and pertinent information about the tire.
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Printing labels

Tire label printers

We offer a range of label printers tailored to meet the requirements of tire labels. These printers are capable of producing durable labels in exact sizes and materials needed to handle the challenges faced by tire labels. This can include materials resistant to oil, water, and wear.

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