Voting scanners

Streamlining the electoral process

Voting scanners

Fast and seamless digital experience

Reducing waiting time

Voting scanners

Through many years of experience, Delfi Technologies has established itself as a leading supplier to the public sector, providing everything from barcode scanners and barcode equipment to a wide range of applications, including municipal elections, regional elections, and similar processes where voting scanners play a central role.

Several benefits of voting scanners

Voting scanners streamline the election process

Delfi Technologies has been instrumental in digitizing the election process with barcode scanners that streamline everything from registration to counting. These voting scanners also help reduce queues at the polling stations.

Using advanced barcode technology and user-friendly scanners, the traditional manual voter registration is transformed into a fast and seamless digital experience.

With voting scanners from Delfi Technologies, the voter’s ID card is scanned upon arrival, allowing them to immediately receive their ballot paper. This digital approach significantly reduces waiting times and improves overall efficiency at polling stations.

Voting scanners offer several benefits, including:

Fast and accurate registration: By instantly scanning the voter’s ID card, their information appears on the screen, reducing the time it takes to process each voter.

Elimination of queues: By replacing manual registration with voting scanners, queues at polling stations can be eliminated, resulting in a more pleasant voting experience for voters.

Service improvement: Voting scanners enhance the service level for both voters and election officials by offering a faster and more efficient voting process.

Overall, voting scanners are a reliable and user-friendly solution ready to optimize the election process and ensure a smooth voting experience in upcoming elections.

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