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Wide format

What you need to create impressive and professional large format prints

Wide format

Large format printing

Delfi Technologies is the experienced and reliable supplier when it comes to wide format printing and large format printing solutions. Our many years of experience cover everything from printing posters and signs to roll-ups and other wide format print jobs. We have the whole package when it comes to what you need to create impressive and professional large format prints.

With wide format printers, you are guaranteed impressive printing ability that captures attention with sharp colors and details. Whether it’s for marketing, presentations, or decoration, we can offer reliable large format printers that meet your needs for large print jobs.

Whether you need to produce advertising posters, informative signs, or impressive roll-ups, we are dedicated to delivering complete and reliable large format printing solutions.

The right visual impact

Among others, we have helped Dagrofa deliver wide format printers to their extensive store network, allowing printing of everything from posters to signs in the stores.


High quality & easy to use

Epson SureColor SC-T5200

Ideal for graphic tasks

With the Epson SureColor SC-T5200, you get an ideal high-speed printer in 4-color and large format. The printer is designed to handle a wide range of printing tasks, including high-quality graphics, CAD, and GIS tasks within design, commercial printing, copy shops, architecture, construction, and engineering industries, as well as within retail and educational environments.

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