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Delfi Technologies delivers solutions for your business identification process with wristband printing, barcodes, and data capture. Whether it’s for patients, festival-goers, or access wristbands for your event, we have everything you need – from wristbands and wristband printers to specialized software that lets you manage the setup and design of wristbands.

Access wristbands serve various purposes. Patient wristbands focus on safety and precise identification within the healthcare sector, while festival wristbands and access wristbands for events can combine style with functionality and provide access to special benefits.

With wristband printers, you can easily produce customized wristbands with accurate information. Wristband label printers are not only user-friendly but also capable of delivering fast and clear prints, which is crucial for an efficient identification process.

With user-friendly software, you also get advanced design options, allowing you to customize and design the wristbands according to your needs. From adding patient information to incorporating branding elements on festival wristbands – there are no limits to what you can achieve with the intuitive BarTender label software.

We can provide a complete solution for wristbands and access cards that ensures precise identification, as well as a professional and easily recognizable method to differentiate groups or individuals.


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Region Zealand

Region Zealand has implemented Delfi EasyScan, which helps the staff at the region's hospitals optimize patient identification.

With a focus on digital patient identification and its possibilities, Region Zealand has invested in a new central software solution for the region’s hospitals. The goal is to enhance and ensure patient safety while making the work easier for the staff.

The software solution, Delfi EasyScan, developed by Delfi Technologies, consists of barcode software, handheld scanners, and wristband printers. It is a central barcode solution that offers new technological possibilities and consolidates various work functions into one solution. New handheld scanners, among other things, are intended to shorten work processes and provide better oversight.

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