Delfi X Cloud

Delfi X Cloud – subscription solution for handheld terminals

Complete handheld terminal solution for warehouses, stores and service people. Subscription model with fixed monthly payment, full security and no unforeseen expenses. Everything is gathered in one manageable package – and it is both quick and easy to get started.

Handheld terminal solutions no longer need to be a complex solution that requires major investment considerations.
In the past, a handheld terminal solution was primarily intended for larger, well-established companies with a size that requires complex systems to keep track of inventory, order management and logistics. But it has now become possible to acquire a cloud-based handheld terminal solution – all the way down to a single terminal with a subscription solution from Delfi Technologies.

Delfi X Cloud is Delfi Technologies’ latest addition to the line of barcode solutions and software. Delfi X Cloud is a complete cloud-based handheld terminal solution for mobile Android devices that helps create traceability, increased control in the logistics chain, and streamline everyday life for companies. Often, companies have heavy and slow work processes in the warehouse or in the store, which can be significantly streamlined by replacing manual and paper-based processes with a digital handheld terminal solution. Minimize errors on orders in the pick/pack phase, by implementing a handheld terminal solution that ensures that the right items are picked, packed, and shipped. With Delfi X Cloud, you can create an overview of the entire logistics and warehouse flow in the company.

All you need – in one package

The Delfi X Cloud software contains all the needs you have for product registration. A completely cloud-based solution that always is ready to handle today’s tasks in the warehouse, in the store, or on the go. Unlike many traditional handheld terminal solutions, X Cloud is built on a cloud-based platform. It also means that your mobile devices are always fully updated, and the latest software versions are always available on your devices – and that the same version runs on all your devices across the organization. The X Cloud software can be integrated into various systems.

How does it work?

With X Cloud from Delfi Technologies, both small, medium, and large companies can now get a handheld terminal solution on a monthly subscription basis. This simply means that companies avoid expensive start-up costs and get a much better overview of their costs. By subscribing to a handheld terminal solution, you avoid all the unforeseen expenses of maintenance, updates, ongoing operation, support and repairs of devices. All the expenses to software, hardware, setup, customization and administration are gathered in a fixed monthly subscription, which provides greater control over the IT budget for companies.

Today, it is a necessity to have a good IT infrastructure in a modern company that must be both competitive and scalable in terms of growth. The new subscription model makes it possible for even smaller companies to build an IT infrastructure that can support the company’s growth potential – even if the IT budget is limited.

What you get with Delfi X cloud

With Delfi X Cloud you get an all-in-one and complete solution whit a low investment. Full safety and security are included in the form of support, monitoring 24 hours a day, guaranteed uptime, guaranteed response time, always updated systems, service agreement, training in the solution and ongoing development of the software platform.

Standard modules and add-ons

Companies often use the same essential functions across industries – we have now gathered all the functions in one complete solution, which is simply linked to the company’s existing ERP system. With Delfi X Cloud it is possible to get a standardized solution that is ideal for handling the most common registration processes.

We have put together a Basic package with the most used modules in a handheld terminal – they are included in the subscription solution as standard. In addition, we have a selection of special modules that it is possible to subscribe to as add-ons. If you have specific needs, we can also always help tailor an extra module for your business particularly.

Basic (included as standard):

  • Receive
  • Picking
  • Move goods
  • Inventory
  • Lookup


  • Product consumption (revaluation/impairment)
  • Product sales
  • Ordering
  • Time consumption
  • Task management

The solution for warehouse:

Correct registration of goods.

With Delfi X Cloud, you can use the module “receive”. With the module for handling and registering incoming goods, you get a precise overview of the goods in your warehouse, incl. their location.

The “picking” module can be used when your items leave the warehouse.

With the “move goods” module, you can control the location of the goods in the warehouse. If you move an item from one location to another, this is registered with the handheld terminal. In this way, you always have control over where your items are in stock, and thus you can save huge amounts of time. Often companies do not even notice how much time they spend finding the location of an item.

The solution for the store:

Efficient item ordering and counting.

With the item status/item counting module, you can easily make an efficient stock count. With the handheld terminal, you scan the items throughout the store, which must be adjusted in the ERP system. At the same time, you get complete control over your goods and stock in the store.

It is also possible to order items with the module “item order / reorder”. In this way, you can ensure that you always have items in stock. For example, goods that sell fast. Simply scan the barcode on the item or shelf edge and enter the number of items you want to order.

The solution for service:

Create orders on the go and record item consumption.

Many companies in the service industry use older systems and often use paper-based solutions. For example, if you are an independent electrician, Delfi X Cloud can easily create an order via a handheld terminal when you visit the customer. Then you get rid of the paperwork and the uncertainty of not knowing whether the number of hours you noted 6 hours later was now also the right thing to do and whether the 9 different wires and lengths were actually what you used for the electrical installation.

With the module “consumption”, you can keep track of the materials you have used at the customer. Record easily and quickly how many meters of wire and what type you have used. At the same time, you automatically keep track of your inventory and make sure that it is always correct.

One package – monthly subscription

The price for a Delfi X Cloud subscription and handheld terminal is DKK 295 per month and includes:

  • X Cloud software hosting
  • Handheld terminal software
  • Support
  • On-site installation
  • Staff training
  • Remote Support
  • Delfi PM85 handheld terminal
  • Service agreement at handheld terminal

Delfi X Cloud + Delfi PM85 PDA

The perfect match – the right combination of software and hardware.
The Delfi X Cloud software and the Delfi PM85 handheld terminal are a fantastic pair that ensures an unsurpassed handheld terminal solution for many years to come.

Key Features Delfi PM85

  • 5 “handheld terminal – PDA Android 9.0
  • 1D / 2D barcode reader
  • Wi-Fi / BT
  • GSM SIM card
  • GMS
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon – 1.8GHz Octa-core Processor
  • IP67 certified – 1.8 m drop test
  • Light weight of 256 grams (standard battery version)

Integration to Delfi X Cloud

Many options for data exchange

We have done integration for a wide range of systems – including Dynamics NAV/BC, Shopify, Uniconta, C5, SAP and many more as well as general API integrations. You are always welcome to contact one of our consultants to hear more about the possibilities for integration and data exchange.

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