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Le farmacie del futuro in Italia

Le farmacie oggi hanno bisogno di innovare nuove tecnologie per supportare metodi di lavoro più efficienti, al fine di risparmiare tempo e denaro fornendo al tempo stesso un alto livello di servizio al cliente.


Alla fine del 2017, Bauhaus in Tilst, Danimarca, ha applicato le etichette elettroniche su oltre 40,000 articoli.
NORMAL lager hvor en håndterminal bruges

NORMAL: Efficient logistics is essential for gro...

NORMAL is a fast-growing store chain. It places great demands on warehousing and logistics to keep up with the growth.
Stregkodescannere hjælper sundhedspersonalet på danske hospitaler

The future healthcare sector

Source: Berlingske, Future healthcare sector, special publication, April 2021. By Peter Klar.
Netto butik ved det nye Stadion i Køge

New concept has improved the labeling in Netto...

Denmark's largest grocery chain Netto has completed a major optimization project with the intent to improve the labeling in its stores.
Elektroniske hyldeforkanter hos Cyberport

Cyberport enhances customer experience

The leading consumer electronics retailer, Cyberport, has implemented electronic shelf labels from the IT company Delfi Technologies to enhance the customer experience across all channels.  
ComputerSalg MEGA Store Ringsted

ComputerSalg: Impressive growth, new premises an...

Successful ComputerSalg is gaining momentum and has experienced an impressive growth in the recent years.

Hobbii has knitted a huge business together

Hobbii, which services knitting-loving Danes, became the "Børsen Gazelle 2020" top scorer among 1,885 companies with a growth of 3,167 percent.

Mobile tools make a difference at XL-BYG

XL-BYG has introduces a new solution for its associates that works as the mobile POS system in the timber trade. CF Petersen Køge is a test store and has already experienced a big difference during the workday.

See how NORMAL ensures optimal store operations...

Downtime is often a costly affair in retail, where it is all about ensuring optimal store operations.

Georg Fischer - barcodes and data capture speeds...

At the global supplier of piping systems, Georg Fischer, barcode scanners are used to simplify workflows on welding tasks.
VVS Norge Electronic Shelf Labels

VVS Norge implements digital price signs

In a competitive market with frequent offers, price wars and online shopping, stores need to always have updated prices at the shelf labels. That is why electronic shelf labels have been implemented at VVS Norge.


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