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Skræddersyet software

With more than 30 years of experience in software development for retail, warehousing and production, Delfi Technologies offers custom solutions that over time have met many customers' desire to optimize their inventories and workflows.

At Delfi Technologies, we deliver a scalable solution that requires a minimum of maintenance. We also offer service and support throughout the process. We develop software solutions for both Android & Windows.

Are you interested in a software solution, please contact Martin Nordberg at [email protected] or phone +45 28 19 65 52 and talk about the possibilities.

Complete Solutions

At Delfi Technologies we offer the entire package that binds your solution together - ie. software, hardware, service and support. By choosing a total solution, you will get covered all the way around and at the same time get the necessary peace of mind in your daily life. 


Vi arbejder systematisk med hele udviklingsprocessen. I samarbejde mellem vores projektleder og projektlederen hos kunden, sørger vi for, at projektet bliver fulgt helt til dørs.

Udviklingsprocessen starter med en foranalyse, som typisk finder sted på et planlægningsmøde – enten ude hos kunden eller via Skype. Herefter vil der blive lavet en kravspecifikation, som danner basis for udviklingsprojektet.

A typical development process looks like this:

  1. Planning Meeting
  2. Needs Analysis
  3. Requirements
  4. Offer and approval
  5. Development phase / test
  6. Technical documentation
  7. User guides
  8. On-site implementation

Integration to ERP System

Most customers need to have an interface for their own ERP system. Our software solutions are ERP independent - which means that the user experience will be the same no matter what ERP system you use. We have also great experience with integration into known ERP systems such as Microsoft Dynamics C5, Navision, SAP and more.

Basically, our solutions are geared to integrate no matter what ERP system you use. Therefore, you dont need to change your ERP system and can keep your data and workflows.

Software Support

When you buy software from us, there is always a support and update agreement attached. This ensures that your software always is updated.


Standard software solutions

You can also choose a standard software solution. With our Delfi Icons platform, you have the option of composing your own software solution with the most common features like stock counting, picking, incoming goods, goods transfers, order creation, consumption, etc.


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