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Utforska våra virtuella butiker

Har du någonsin undrat hur en byggvaruhus ser ut när Breece -systemet är installerat med tusentals elektroniska hyllkantsetiketter? Eller hur kan ditt apotek se ut med en Vision 4K digital skyltningslösning? Det är nu möjligt att uppleva detta i våra virtuella butiker där du kan få en 360 ° rundtur och uppleva olika lösningar i aktion.

Virtual pharmacy

Holsten Apotheke in Kiel - Germany
Meet the pharmacy of the future - join us and get a 360° virtual tour of Holsten Apotheke. In the virtual pharmacy, you can explore our digital solutions with electronic shelf labels, digital signage and smart queuing system. Gather some inspiration and see what the Breece solution has to offer you and your store.

Virtual Tele store

3 at Strøget in Copenhagen - Denmark
At 3, you have the opportunity to move around and experience different digital solutions from Delfi Technologies, through a 360-degree digital tour. Here, it is also possible to find more information about the Breece solution with electronic shelf labels that are being used in 3's stores.

Virtual DIY store

XL-BYG in Køge - Denmark
Together with XL-BYG, we have created a virtual DIY store - and you can join us inside! Among other things, you can see what it looks like when you have installed thousands of electronic shelf labels. You can also take a walk around and experience various videos where you can learn much more about our solutions.



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