Delfi Com Center - Professional Software for Handheld Terminals

Delfi Com Center - Professional

Per/client (USB + Wi-Fi + Eth + GSM)

Delfi Com Center is a communication software between Windows mobile terminals and PC / Server, which delivers, for example, comma separated files (.csv) safely and easily via USB, Ethernet, WiFi or GSM / LTE.

Delfi Com Center provides flexible options for setting up one's data handbooks as well as easy installation / updating of one's hand terminals. Ensures your inventory management and handling of goods.

Comes with a yearly subscription of 18%


599,00 DKK


Item number: 7399316

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Our software solutions for handheld terminals are the result of more than 30 years of experience. The software solutions from Delfi Technologies are both scalable and future-proof. Our software development is based on strong partnerships with the leading manufacturers of handheld terminals and in-house software development. We are always developing our software solutions to include more features, easing your everyday work. Here you will find a selection of our software modules.

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