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Our software solutions for handheld terminals are the result of more than 30 years of experience. The software solutions from Delfi Technologies are both scalable and future-proof. Our software development is based on strong partnerships with the leading manufacturers of handheld terminals and in-house software development. We are always developing our software solutions to include more features, easing your everyday work. Here you will find a selection of our software modules.

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Select your own software for inventory management and logistics

All business and industries have different needs, and therefore we have created an intuitive solution, whereas a customer you can create your very own solution to suit your wants and needs. In other words, you get the ultimate freedom to choose among a wide variety of software for your handheld terminals.

Maybe you just need to keep an eye on the inventory? Then, the DELFI ICONS INVENTORY software module might be what you are looking for. This module is among our most popular, as it makes counting easy and efficient. You will get a complete overview of your goods - simple and secure.

Create and move an order

Perhaps you want easy access to create an order in the system? Delfi Icons software for inventory management can also help you with that. Once again, it is a time-saving process where you quickly and easily can get an overview of your inventory. In this way, you can make sure that you always have goods in stock at the warehouse to the customers. In this way, you'll never miss an order.

If you spend your time in a large warehouse, you know that it sometimes be a complicated process to move larger quantities of goods from one place to another. With the module DELFI ICONS - MOVE GOODS you can very quickly get an overview of this part of the work, and ensure that the goods are moved to the right place.

Receive an order and obtain information about it

Another great feature of this software for inventory management is that it can take care of all of the elements you may encounter. You can use the module DELFI ICONS - RECEIVE GOODS, when you need to handle incoming goods. The software can also be used to record and validate the goods.

And with the module DELFI ICONS - LOOK UP you can even seek out information about the item you are scanning. It can be price, quantity, origin, etc... Furthermore, it is a solution that can also be used by the customer, if they want to know more about a given product.

You can do exactly what you want.

With more than 30 years of experience, Delfi Technologies certainly is the solution you are looking for if you are searching for inventory management software. Our software is a complete and overall solution that is tailored to all levels of management in a warehouse. Therefore, you will immediately experience a natural flow and a comfortable stock structure with our intuitive system.

If you have any questions or need for advice to our software, please feel free to contact us on 70 222 555 or mail [email protected]

Cooperation with leading ERP systems

A key element of a software solution is that data can be exchanged across departments in the company. Delfi Technologies is cooperating with the world's leading ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) suppliers, which means that our software can be integrated with all known ERP systems, so you can connect the work processes in the company better together. We are not providing the ERP solution, but an easy integration.