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Citizen logoCitizen is a well-know brand within design of ‘best in class’ printers that cannot be beaten for speed, compact size as well as energy and economical efficiency. Specialised in label printers, barcode printers, portable printers and point-of-sale printers (receipt printers), Citizen offers a wide range of printers for retail, healthcare, industrial and mobile applications.

The comprehensive range of robust printing solutions also offers a design to meet the specific needs of each application, taking return on investment into consideration every time. Citizen continue to offer a wide variety of solutions that are based on the concepts of micro and precision technologies, superiour reliability, and ease of use. The Citizen product range includes; tough, contamination-resistant label printers - compact desktop and portable POS units - fast, powerful mobile printers and high quality photo printers.

Paper media in a variety of forms - such as tickets, labels and receipts - are indispensable in business today. Citizen designs and supplies state-of-the-art printers tailored to specific business requirements. The lineup includes built-in printers for POS cash registers and compact measuring equipment, business-use and mobile printers. Printers from Citizen are prevalent in shops, factories, hospitals, logistics facilities etc. across the world.

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The Delfi technologies and Citizen partnership

Citizen is part of many of our solutions that we supply to a wide range of companies. We often see a need for a Citizen product, simply because Citizen stands for credibility, durability, good quality and always provides exactly what our customers need when it comes to a reliable print solution.
At Delfi Technologies, we are proud to have Citizen featured in our range of print solutions. The high quality of the Citizen products is especially important to us, as we always want to offer our customers the very best. In this way, me make sure to keep our customers satisfied and eliminate unneccessary hassle in the business day.
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Introducing the new type two
industrial desktop and industrial label printers



  • Flash (NV memory): 16MB, 4MB available to users
  • RAM (default memory): 32MB, 8MB available to users
  • Fully adjustable and lockable black mark, notch and reflective media sensor
  • EPL emulation
  • Media length: (6.35 to 2538 mm)



  • Flash (NV hukommelse): 16MB, 4MB tilgængelig for brugere
  • RAM (standard hukommelse): 32MB, 8MB tilgængelig for brugere
  • Fuldt justerbar og låsbar spalte, hak og reflekterende sort-mærke sensor.
  • EPL emulering
  • Medie længde: (6.35 til 1625mm)



  • Flash (NV memory): 16MB, 4MB available for users
  • RAM (standard memory): 32MB, 8MB available for users
  • Fully adjustable and lockable gap, notch and reflective black mark media sensor
  • EPL emulation
  • Media length: 0.25 to 99.99 inches (6.35 to 2538mm)





  • Flash (NV memory): 16MB, 4MB available for users
  • RAM (standard memory): 32MB, 8MB available for users
  • Fully adjustable and lockable gap, notch and reflective black mark media sensor
  • EPL emulation
  • Media length: 0.25 to 64.00 inches (6.35 to 1625mm)



  • Flash (NV memory): 16MB, 4MB available for users
  • RAM (standard memory): 64MB, 30MB available for users
  • EPL emulation
  • Media length (CL-S700II, 700IIDT, 700IIR): 0.25 to 99.99 inches (6.35 to 2539mm)
  • Media length (CL-S703II, 703IIR): 0.25 to 64.00 inches (6.35 to 1625mm)

Our customer cases represent a wide range of industries such as retail, warehouse, healthcare, field services and office signage - see some our references here with solutions we're proud of.


In collaboration, Delfi Technologies and NewC solve the need for an efficient management of tickets and access control that links online and physical channels together. The solution contributes to increased loyalty at DBU (The Danish Football Association) and football clubs in the Danish Super League.

Solution: Customized tickets and Citizen CL-S400 label printer



Knuthenborg Safari Park has grown in recent years in terms of opportunities for experiences. The same applies to collaboration with companies and organizations that play a significant role in the flow of guests to the park by using free tickets and vouchers that the park manages and prints itself.

Solution: Customized tickets and Citizen CL-S521 label printer



Carlsberg Group uses SkyLabel for the design and printing of labels over the Internet. SkyLabel is a cloud-based software system from Delfi Technologies that gives Carlsberg important control of labelling across national borders. Printing out labels locally is also quick and easy.

Solution: Online print software and Citizen CL-S631 label printer

Our products from Citizen

  • Citizen CL-E300, Label printer, DT, 4”, 203dpi

  • Citizen CL-S700, Label Printer, DT/TT, 203 dpi,

  • Citizen CL-E720, Label Printer, 4", DT/TT, 203 dpi

  • Citizen CL-S621, Label Printer, DT/TT, 203 dpi, 4"

  • Citizen CMP-30L Mobile Printer Label, WiFi

  • Citizen CL-S400, Label Printer, 4", DT, 203 dpi

  • Citizen CL-E321, Label Printer, DT/TT, 203dpi,

  • Citizen CL-S6621, Label Printer, DT/TT, 203 dpi,

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