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Zebra - Delfi Partner

Zebra is a well-known and leading manufacturer of barcode scanners, mobile computers, label printers and other products within data capture and barcode solutions. Zebra empowers those on the front line in retail, healthcare, transportation and logistics, manufacturing and other industries to achieve a performance edge - an edge that translates to delighted customers, good patient outcomes and superior business results.

Their products, software, services and solutions are used to intelligently connect your people, assets and data. With decades of industry experience, they design with frontline users and workplaces in mind, giving you the best-action guidance needed to optimise in-motion operations and make business-critical decisions.​

As the world becomes more and more connected, consumers expect faster service and more customization. To satisfy your customers and gain a competitive edge, you need to activate your company's business solutions that drive better, faster and smarter performance. Zebra allows you this. With over 10,000 partners across 100 countries, they are committed to deliver industry-tailored solutions that help our customers capture their edge.


It is a great pleasure to partner with Zebra as a market leading supplier of enterprise-level solutions within data capture and barcode printing. Zebra is a great reputable brand that most people already know.

At Delfi Technologies, we are proud to have Zebra presented in our range of solutions. The Zebra products and services are often a crucial element in our solutions when it comes to crushing the business challenges our many customers are having. With Zebra products and our strong team, we use real-world experience to solve complete end-to-end solutions.

It is not without reason that Zebra is so well established in the market. Zebra offers the best technology in their products.
A collaboration between Zebra and Delfi Technologies goes many years back and has proved to be beneficial for both parties on many fronts. Zebra is one of our largest suppliers of handheld terminals, barcode scanners, POS equipment and label printers.


With a Zebra handheld terminal in hand, you provide the best starting point for your employees. Increase productivity by using Zebra handheld terminals and give your customers the best experience and service. When choosing a Zebra product, you are in good hands. Some of the world's largest dealers, manufacturers, transportation and logistics companies use Zebra handheld terminals every day to deliver maximum business performance.

Zebra's touch handheld terminals are based on the most advanced technologies, providing the opportunity to deliver the ultimate user experience. Zebra's handheld terminals use Android as an operating system, and with all the business features of a modern business, this is a perfect match. Zebra's touch handheld terminals have it all - a large touch screen that's easy to read in even direct sunlight, perfect reading of barcodes on labels and documents - every time. You get the maximum computing power to handle future apps, power-saving and reliable WiFi connectivity, and high-quality camera resolution.


Zebra has barcode scanners for every need, whether it is for the healthcare industry, warehouses or for store employees.


When customers come to the checkout to pay, it is the final impression the customer gets on the shopping journey. A good shopping experience can be decisive for the return of customers, and at the same time recommend the business to other potential customers. The customer experience is highly dependent on the barcode scanner's performance, as it helps ensure correct reading of barcodes, as well as an efficient check-out flow. Customers do not like to stand in line, but with a Zebra scanner you can quickly serve the customers, thereby ensuring the good customer experience.

Whether your employees are scanning barcodes printed on paper labels or digital bar codes displayed on the screen of electronic shelf labels or a mobile phone, tablet or computer, Zebra's general purpose barcode scanners provide the best results every time.

See our general purpose Zebra barcode scanners here.

ZEBRA rugged Barcode Scanners

When barcodes need to be scanned in the warehouse, in the production line or other areas where the barcode scanner is particularly used often, having a rugged barcode scanner is a necessity. Every second counts when packing, picking or shipping goods in large quantities from the warehouse. At the same time, it is extremely important that the accuracy of the scans is perfectly read everytime. With the right barcode scanner in stock, in production or elsewhere, you can streamline your workflows to achieve the highest quality of your products, customer service and shipments.

Zebra has a complete product line of both wired and wireless scanners that sets a high standard for industrial scans. Zebra's robust barcode scanners come in a solid design and with a scanning performance and manageability that exceeds your expectations.

When it comes to industrial strength, there is nothing to compare with the Zebra's 3600 series. The series' trendy designs are among the best in the market, with the highest fall, rugged and sealing specifications for comparable units. The wired and wireless models are the only barcode scanners that are both dustproof and waterproof compared to IP67 certification. The Zebra series barcode scanners are simple to implement and even easier to use in everyday life.

See all our rugged Zebra barcode scanners here.


Whether you supply, manufacture and distribute goods or serve customers, Zebra label printers are guaranteed to be the solution for you. Zebra's label printers are some of the most widely used in the world and this is not without reason. Zebra label printers always keep your production efficient and running without interruptions. Zebra label printers are easy to operate and do not compromise on quality. Integration is easy and effortless - and you're up and running in minutes.

Zebra has different types of label printers. Desktop printers that do not take up much space, yet are reliable, durable, easy to operate and cost effective. They are ideal for smaller businesses and webshops, with more general printing needs, and 2-300 print jobs per day.

If you have a greater need for many labels and high quality printing, then it is probably closer to an industrial label printer from Zebra that you are looking for. Zebra's industrial label printers meet your needs and help you streamline your supply chain and increase efficiency, as well as provide you with a competitive edge, with many opportunities to connect to the Internet of Things (IoT). Zebra's industrial label printers are ideal for a wide range of companies with high to medium volume printing needs, especially in manufacturing, transport and logistics, retail and healthcare.

Zebra also offers a selection of mobile label printers so you can always print labels wherever you are and what you are up to. Mobile label printers are extremely effective in a warehouse where a truck driver picks and packs orders, thus not having to go back to a label printer at a workstation. With a mobile label printer from Zebra, you can always have the label printer at your fingertips, thus reducing the time wasted in creating and managing your labels. Other users of Zebra mobile label printers could be inventory management and retail features. For example, in supermarkets when discount labels have to be made for goods that soon exceed the last sale date.


After a convincing test, Dagrofa rolls out the food waste app ‘Whywaste’ in all the Danish MENY stores. At MENY in Solrød, the store has already managed to achieve a significant reduction in food waste. In addition to the app, the new IT solution also consists of handheld terminals and label printers to print out discount labels - directly from the app.

With handheld terminals, the store staff can manage the Whywaste app and keep track of expiration dates. A manageable list presents the groceries that may exceed the expiration date. A connected label printer enables you to print discount labels for the selected items through the app. In this way, the customer gets the opportunity to buy the groceries at a reduced price, instead of the supermarket just must throw out the goods.


Case: Fleggaard - click & collect

The Corona crisis has changed consumer behavior and businesses have become more digital. At Fleggaard, they are experiencing a rapid growth in the number of online orders. The Group has therefore taken a number of initiatives that increase capacity and facilitate the handling of the many Click & Collect orders.

At Fleggaard's 19,000 m2 central warehouse in Flensburg, all items is gathered for further distribution to the stores. Here, a warehousing and logistics solution from Delfi Technologies ensures that the goods are registered correctly through the use of label printers and bar code labels in the receipt of goods. In addition to standard stationary label printers (model: Zebra ZT420), the warehouse staff also uses mobile printers (model: Zebra QLn420) in the belt, so you can print labels immediately via a "scan and print" function when new items arrive at the warehouse .


Our products from Zebra

  • Zebra GK420d Label Printer DT, Ethernet, 4" width

  • Zebra ZD620t, Label Printer, Thermal Transfer,

  • Zebra GK420D, Label Printer, DT, 203dpi

  • Zebra TC51, Android 6.0, 1D/2D, 5.0", Wi-Fi, BT

  • Zebra DS8108, Scanner, 1D/2D, Multi-IF, Black, Kit

  • Zebra LI3608-SR, 1D Laser Scanner, Multi-IF, KIT,

  • Zebra ET56, Tablet PC, 10.1", BT, 4G, Win 10 IoT

  • Zebra ZQ620 3" Mobile Printer, BT/WiFi, 203DPI

  • Zebra GK420T, Label Printer, TT, 203dpi

  • Zebra DS2208, Scanner, 1D/2D, Multi-IF, Black, Kit

  • Zebra DS3678-SR, Bluetooth Scanner, 1D/2D,

  • Zebra ET56, Tablet PC, 8.4", Wi-Fi, 4G, Win 10 IoT

  • Zebra ZT230, Label Printer, DT/TT, 203 dpi,

  • Zebra ZD220 Label Printer, Direct Thermal,

  • Zebra ZQ620 3" Mobile Printer, BT, 203DPI

  • Zebra TC20, Handheld Terminal, 1D/2D, Android 7.1

  • Zebra DS3608-SR, Scanner, 1D/2D, Kit,

  • Zebra LI3678-SR, Bluetooth 1D Laser Scanner , KIT,

  • Zebra MC2700 Handterminal, 2D Imager, BT, Wi-Fi,

  • Zebra MC2200, 2D Imager, RAM: 3GB/32GB, BT

  • Zebra USB Cable, Fits for: Delfiscan C81, DS2208

  • Zebra DS9908, Scanner, 1D/2D, Black, USB KIT

  • Zebra Spare Battery,

  • Zebra GK420T, Labelprinter, DT/TT, 203 dpi

  • Zebra GX430T, Label Printer, DT/TT, 300dpi

  • Zebra GX420D, Label Printer, DT, 203dpi

  • Zebra ZD410, Label Printer, DT, 203dpi

  • Zebra ZD420 Labelprinter 4" TT, 300 dpi

  • Zebra LI2208, Scanner, USB, 1D, Black, Kit

  • Zebra ZD410, Label Printer, DT, 203dpi, Ethernet

  • Zebra LS2208, Scanner, USB, 1D, Black, Kit

  • Zebra USB Wall Charger 100-240 VAC, 5V, 2.5A

  • Zebra ZT220, Label Printer, DT, 203dpi, 8 dot/mm

  • Zebra TC51/56, 5 Slot Cradle

  • Zebra TC2X, Base Single Slot, W/O PSU

  • Zebra TC2X Snap on Trigger Handle

  • Zebra Cable, USB Type To Type C

  • Zebra Cable - Shielded USB: Series A Connector,7FT

  • Zebra TC70,*DEMO* Handheld Terminal, Android 4.4.2

  • Zebra AC/DC Power Supply Brick, ACInput: 100-240V

  • Zebra TC52, Handheld Terminal, 1D/2D, Android OS,

  • Zebra TC77, Handheld Terminal, 1D/2D, Android 8.1

  • Zebra TC75, Handheld Terminal, 1D/2,D Android 5.1

  • Zebra DS3678, Single Slot Cradle

  • Zebra DC Line Cord With Filter

  • Zebra TC56, Handheld Terminal, 2D, NFC, 5.0",

  • Zebra DS9308, Scanner, 1D/2D, SR, USB Kit

  • Zebra DS2278, BT, 2D, Imager, Multi-IF, Kit Incl

  • Zebra TLP 2824 Plus, Label Printer, TT

  • Zebra TC75, *DEMO*, Handheld Terminal, 1D/2D

  • Zebra TC21 handterminal, 2D imager, PTT, BT, WI-FI

  • Zebra TC20, LAN, GMS, EDA, SE4710, 2GBG/16GB,

  • Zebra ZD420d, DT Label printer, 203dpi, Ethernet

  • Zebra ZD420 Printhead 203dpi

  • Zebra ZT510, Label Printer, TT, 4", 203 dpi,

  • Zebra ZT420, Label Printer, DT/TT, 203dpi

  • Zebra TC72, Handheld Terminal, 1D/2D, Android 8.1

  • Zebra TC26 Handterminal, 2D Imager, SE4710,

  • Zebra ZD420, Label Printer, TT, 203dpi

  • Zebra TC20, LAN, GMS, EDA, SE4710 *DEMO*

  • Zebra ZD420t, Label Printer, Healthcare, White,

  • Zebra 4-Slot Charging Station, Enhanced, For ET5X,

  • Zebra TC51/56, Single Slot Cradle, USB *DEMO*

  • Zebra TC51/56, Trigger Handle *DEMO*

  • Zebra MC9300 Hand Terminal, 2D, ER, Android 8.1

  • Zebra TC51 2D, PREM WLAN 5.0IN 2/16GB *DEMO*

  • Zebra ZT410, Label Printer, 300dpi

  • Zebra MC9300, Handterminal, 1D, SR, Android 8

  • Zebra TC52, Handheld Terminal, Android 8.0 *DEMO*

  • Zebra TC56,1D/2D, NFC, 5.0", 2GB/16GB *DEMO*

  • Zebra Holder For LI36xx/DS36xx Series,

  • Zebra Spare Battery For DS3678 + LI3678, 3150 mAh

  • Zebra ZQ610 Mobile Label Printer, Direct Thermal,

  • Zebra DS36XX Battery Charing Station, 4 Slot,

  • Zebra MC3300 Standard, Straight Shooter, 1D Laser,

  • Zebra Cradle for DS3678 Series (Forklift)

  • Zebra TC52-HC, 2D, 5", BT, Wi-Fi, NFC, GMS,

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