Label 100 x 75mm TT Hvid etiket til bildæk - 100X75-TT-TYRE

Label 100 x 75mm TT Hvid etiket til bildæk

500 labels pr.rl. PRIS PR RL.


199,00 kr.
Momentary increased delivery time.


Item number: 7397256

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Labels and stickers from Delfi Technologies are suitable for any purpose. We have barcode labels and stickers in every imaginable size and material and with different surfaces. We offer labels that can be used in every branch of every industry - large, small, white or perhaps silver, round or square labels. Our customer portfolio within labels includes retail, warehousing & distribution companies, freight forwarders, hospitals, scaffolding companies, contractors and food-producing companies. We have a wide selection of labels, but should you have a very specific request for customized labels, then we are also happy to help. 


If you need custom-made labels in addition to our standard range of labels, we can also help to customize your own label. For further information, please contact:

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