Zebra MC2180, WinCE 6.0, 1D/2D, 2.8", Wi-Fi, Kit

Incl. Cradle, Num, 624MHz, 128MB RAM, 256MB flash

The Motorola MC2180 is a value oriented mobile computer with an emphasis on versatility and ease of use. The MC2180 uses a 1D/2D area imager which is capable of capture damaged or dirty barcodes to ensure reliable scan results. With a 27 key keypad and 2 programmable side buttons, the MC2180 offers a variety of ways to interact with your mobile computer.


4.795,00 kr.
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Item number: 7398705 / For brands: Zebra / 1D vs 2D: 1D, 2D / Battery: Standard Battery / BT: BT / Connection: Wi-Fi / Keyboard: Numeric keybord / Model: MC2180 / Operating system: WinCE 6.0 / Processor: 624MHz / Rom: 256MB ROM

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