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1.1. The commitment period is 60 months

1.2. The offer includes:

1.2.1. Consulting services: Education of staff (train the trainer) and preparation of all in store displays

1.2.2. 1 Breece Cloud-subscription including updates

1.2.3. First line support

1.2.4. Change of batteries


2.1. The borrower shall pay for consumables and delivery.

2.2. The equipment shall be returned in original, undamaged packaging with all accessories.

2.3. The lender reserves its right to bill the borrower for all missing accessories or damaged equipment or packaging.

2.4. It is the responsibility of the borrower to ensure the proper insurance for all borrowed equipment.


3.1. The borrower is obliged to inform the lender, when change of batteries is required. Units with required battery changes shall be returned to the lender by the borrower at the borrower’s own expense.

3.2. After receiving units with required battery changes, the lender is obliged within 5 working days to perform the required battery change or swap the units for new SWOP-units at the lender’s own discretion.

3.3. The lender is obliged to make available support by telephone, e-mail and remote debugging on working days from 08.00-16.00 (UTC+1/UTC+2).

3.3.1. Phone support is available on the following phone numbers:

  • DK: +45 70 233 677
  • SE: +46 31 30 88 555
  • NO: +45 70 233 677
  • DE: +49 431 3821 7555
  • EN: +45 70 233 677
  • IT: +39 08 62 060 555

3.3.2. E-mail support: [email protected]

3.4. The borrower is obliged to treat the rented equipment with care in order for it not to exhibit other deterioration than that of normal wear and tear.

3.5. The lender is obliged to perform any by the lender deemed necessary update of the delivered software.

3.6. For the entire rental period, the lender is entitled to at any time make any change to the delivered software and/or hardware, as long as the borrower hereby is supplied with an at least equal solution.

3.7. The borrower is only after explicit written consent of the lender entitled to make any change to the delivered software and/or hardware.


4.1. After the commitment period, either party can terminate the agreement with 3 months written notice to the first in a month. 


Version: November, 2017


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