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Our barcode solutions, which link to handheld terminals, are the result of more than 25 years of experience. Over the years, we have fulfilled many customers' warehouse and work process optimisation needs. Delfi Technologies delivers a scalable solution that requires only minimal maintenance. We also offer service and support throughout the process. Delfi Technologies is determined to supply the best solutions. Our work is based on strong partnerships with the leading manufacturers of handheld terminals and in-house software development. Contact one of our specialists to hear how Delfi Technologies can help you reach the next level:




Delfi Icons

Delfi Icons is Delfi Technologies’ intuitive software solution for handheld terminals, providing full control of your goods while saving time, efforts and costs.



RFID solutions

Delfi Technologies also develops software solutions based on RFID technology. 




DISO WMS (Warehouse Management System) is specially designed to handle extensive warehouse functions.


Delfi EasyScan

Delfi EasyScan is a software solution aimed at the healthcare service. The solution secures the patient's treatment from admission to discharge. 



Project and consultancy service

With the goal of developing the best possible solution, Delfi Technologies offers a professional consultancy service.


Range of handheld terminals

Delfi Technologies has a wide range of handheld terminals - all with different features depending on purpose and industry.


Hire a stock count kit

For use in connection with your retail stock count, you can hire a Delfi Technologies stock count kit, containing four hand-held terminals with docking stations.

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