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This is how Breece System can help you

Breece System and electronic shelf labels play a key role in creating a personalized and engaging customer experience. The shelf edge is the most powerful sales influencer - a majority of purchase decisions is made here. Benefit from a dynamic Breece solution and change promotions easily, anywhere - in seconds.

This is how Breece System and electronic shelf labels can help you:

  • Change your prices everywhere, in seconds
  • Eliminate price errors and create price accuracy
  • React to competitor promotions and pricing - immediately
  • Set your store staff free and improve customer service 
  • Get personal - create a better and engaging in-store experience
  • Display stock levels at the shelf edge - make the work easier for your staff

Dynamic and automatic price changes

Make sure that your price labels display the correct price at the shelf edge...

Increase sales and bottom line with electronic shelf labels

Imagine having the flexibility to do special promotions during the day…

Omni-channel visibility

Breece System helps you to align your omni-channel pricing and promotional strategy…






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