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Software support and maintenance (other software products)


1.1. Delfi Support Group: Group of experienced technicians dealing with the daily support

1.2. Main software package: The core software product from Delfi Technologies, excluding software add-on packages which are available for the core software product

1.3. Software add-on: Additional software functionality ordered separately from the main software package

1.4. New software release: A release of a software product containing new functionality

1.5. The / this agreement: This software support and maintenance agreement

1.6. The user: The customer / user of the main software package


2.1. This agreement will ensure that the user keeps Delfi Technologies software up to date anytime, including software updates with functionality enhancements. The purpose of this agreement is to provide the following for the user:

2.1.1. Help desk for technical consultation. The user gets access to phone and e-mail support without payment within the working hours 08.00-16.00 (UTC+1/UTC+2).

  • Phone support: +45 70 222 555 – follow the voice guide
  • E-mail support: [email protected]

2.1.2. Access to software updates. Users can only gain access to the latest versions and software enhancements by entering a Delfi Technologies software support and maintenance agreement.

2.2. The agreement covers the main software package that is registered.

2.3. Support tasks will be queued and dealt with according to the order in which they may occur.

2.4. Within normal working hours, the seller guarantees a reaction time of a maximum next business day.

2.5. Support tasks will be handled by Delfi Support Group, which has gone through the prober technical education.


3.1. Payment for a new software release with enhanced functionality is included in this agreement fee. The agreement fee will be invoiced on an annual basis.

3.2. This agreement is only valid when the agreement fee has been received by Delfi Technologies. If the invoice is not paid the agreement between Delfi Technologies and the user is no longer valid.

3.3. The agreement will run on a yearly term with a commitment period of 12 months.


4.1. Reestablishment of data:

4.1.1. In case of hardware malfunction, support for reestablishment of data is not included in the agreement, regardless of the cause for the loss of data.

4.2. Installation and on-site problem management:

4.2.1. Support labor and cost of travel and stay in connection with on-site problem management, is not included in this support and maintenance agreement.

4.2.2. If the user has requested an upgrade or on-site problem management to be carried out by the Delfi Support Group, this will be invoiced separately 


5.1. This agreement will automatically renew at the end of each term for a further term of 12 months unless either party gives the other written notice of termination at least 3 months prior to the end of the relevant term. 


Version: November, 2017


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