Digitale buffetskilte -plug and play fra Delfi Techologies

Digital buffet signs - create security and sharp visibility in the buffet

With digital buffet signs at the table, you and your visiting guests will always be up-to-date about the day's menu, allergens and any other messages you want highlighted in the buffet or restaurant - it is only your imagination that sets the limits for your new digital signs.

Your new digital signs are available in different sizes, so that it fits in exactly with your desired expression. With no need for cables or wires and a standard plug and play connection, your digital signs are perfect for mounting on the buffet table, so you can achieve a professional and not least personal touch in the restaurant.

With digital buffet signs, you can look forward to values such as:

  • A wireless solution with low power consumption
  • Transparent overview for staff and visiting guests
  • Change all signs via. a spreadsheet with a single click on "update"
  • Display allergens in the dishes
  • Design according to your wishes with logo, typography etc.
  • Possibility of direct integration to your food planning systems
  • Time-saving solution as you avoid setting up and printing paper signs

An all-in-one solution

With your new wireless buffet sign solution, you get signs that communicate via a 2-way radio frequency without being affected by other wireless systems. The antenna must only be powered via the network cable or its own power supply. You also get an App that can be installed on any Android or iOS device, so the solution is always easily accessible. A handheld terminal or regular mobile phone is connected either to the company's available WiFi or to a standard 4G connection. With the app, you can change the design and control the visual expression of your signs.


The Danish food company, Meyers, today operates canteens and supplied lunch solutions to large parts of Denmark. Meyers was founded by the gastronomic entrepreneur Claus Meyer, who for over 30 years has worked to promote the qualities of Danish food culture.

Meyers wanted to optimize the time for their chefs and staff in the many kitchens. At the same time, the contents of the inviting dishes had to be presented more visually to the diners. Digital buffet signs are a solution that has created an overview in Meyer's canteens around Denmark. It is a 'Plug & Play solution', where a simple antenna is connected to an internet socket in each canteen and which has saved paper waste and working hours for the chefs.

’’The buffet signs are a positive step in our digital journey and I am already toying a bit with the idea of ​​making several different messages visible through the signs. In addition to presenting the buffet, we could e.g. also communicate that the food is organic and/or provide information about the climate impact and CO2 footprint of the dishes.'' Johanna Leonard, Head of Digital at Meyers.


Restaurang AKKC by MEST ser det som en plikt att arbeta målmedvetet mot en positiv påverkan inom hållbarhet, fokusera på grön omställning och ta socialt ansvar i allas vår lokala miljö. Som en del av sin hållbara digitala resa har Delfi Technologies installerat 300 digitala Breece-skyltar. 300 skyltar som ska användas som bufféskyltar för att framhäva deras olika menyer och drycker.

- När jag anställdes i februari var det viktigt att skapa en mer digital väg. När jag bekantade mig med Delfis digitala bufféskyltar kom jag snabbt fram till att det måste vara lösningen för oss på Restaurant AKKC by MEST, säger Camilla Buch, som dagligen arbetar som event- och onlinekoordinator för restaurangen.


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