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Vision4K - a digital price tag on your TV

Vision4K is a digital price tag on your TV - a 4K digital signage solution that supports 4K video quality, high resolution images, logos, slide show, multi-product, animated icons, etc. In combination with video, Vision 4K enables you to boost sales by highlighting products and prices on TVs, linked to live data in your ERP system such as prices, specifications and product data - in fact any kind of data, available in your system.

Digital signage supermarket

The Vision4K solution enables you to manage in-store TVs as if they were electronic shelf labels. Vision4K is ideal for replacing old-fashioned paper posters at the end of aisles, in fruit and vegs departments, at entrances, etc.

You can also use Vision 4K to eliminate the need of creating and distributing heavy video material to entire network of stores.

Vision4K is fully supported in Breece Cloud and Breece Enterprise.

Key Features:

  • Improved visibility of promotions in strategic locations
  • Elimination of the paper and time consuming work that comes with paper posters
  • Dynamic and automatic updates: linked to live data from your ERP system
  • Wide range of dynamic design options
  • Plug and play, easily installed


Vision 4K - Business cases

Create some extra awareness with a wide range of dynamic design options - for any kind of business: 

Consumer electronics

  • For in-store demo videos that must run synchronously

Grocery: Fruits & Vegs

  • To create some interaction /environment in
    the fruit & vegs department
  • It could be a TV with trees moving in the background, product & price information on
    top of that

Fast food

  • Show restaurant menu (e.g. Burger King) with flames in the background to provide barbecue environment /experience


Vision - standard solution

Try our standard Breece Vision solution that also lets you manage in-store TV's in the same way as electronic shelf labels, providing a better in-store communication experience - just without the 4K video support. Breece Vision lets you display promotions and other engaging content in-store.


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