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Getting started with Breece Cloud

Hopefully the resources found here will inspire you to get more out of your online Breece Cloud installation. 



Before you connect any of the received Breece Cloud equipment, please read the relevant manuals.

Installation manuals

System integrator

A Full API documentation is avaiable for system integrates which want to take advantage of our powerfull REST API for deep integration.

API Documentation

User Guide

Our online user guides is describing the daily use of our Breece Cloud solution, how to access and user our web and mobile solutions.

User guides


Visit our online manual for system administrators which describes in details how to manage installations, antennas, displays, products and users.

Administrators guide


Technical support

Visit our support portal to get answers to your common questions, submit and track support requests or contact us by phone and tell us more about your issue. Call us at +45 70 233 677.


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