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With the right card printer you can print your membership cards / loyalty cards, bonus cards, student cards, gift cards, price tags for the delicacy and other plastic cards. At Delfi Technologies, we offer a good selection of plastic card printers and we advise you on which that will suit your needs best. Are you in doubt about which card printer to choose? Contact us today, and we will help you find the right solution.

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Item number: 7400867
4.410,00 DKK
Momentary increased delivery time.

Color and Monochrome Thermal Transfer, 300 dpi

Item number: 7398804
7.160,00 DKK
Momentary increased delivery time.

Code available for Magnet, Chip and Touchless Card

Item number: 7397855
11.995,00 DKK
Momentary increased delivery time.

Color and Monochrome Thermal Transfer

Item number: 7397725
6.349,00 DKK
Momentary increased delivery time.
Item number: 7398089
450,00 DKK
Momentary increased delivery time.

HICO, Min. 1 Kasse = 500 kort

Item number: 2016446
795,00 DKK
Momentary increased delivery time.

76mm. Min. salg er 1 kasse = 500 stk.

Item number: 2016141
595,00 DKK
Momentary increased delivery time.

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