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Demo products

In our selection of demo products, you can find the same products - the only difference is just a cheaper price. This may be due to several things, most often due to return of test products.

Demo products:

  • Demo products can be expected to be both new, minimal used and residual
  • Demo products will be sold at a special discounted rate
  • 3 months warranty on demo products
  • Traces of use / minor scratches, unoriginal or damaged packagin may occur
  • If the demo product does not meet the expected quality, we offer a return option by prior agreement with an employee at Delfi Technologies - within 48 hours from receipt of the product

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USB/RS232 9pin Dual I/F. Autocutter. Incl. EU PSU

Item number: 5502404
599,00 DKK
42 in stock

Incl. USB cable, Power Supply, Charge/comm. Cradle

Item number: 7400858
1.495,00 DKK
18 in stock

No powersupply needed, Light Grey

Item number: 6200251
680,00 DKK
9 in stock

E1 housing, C2N14E1I2, Special Layout

Item number: 7399441
849,00 DKK
4 in stock

USB, RS232, Incl. USB cable

Item number: 7400814
449,00 DKK
2 in stock

incl. Power Supply, DC Cable,

Item number: 7401334
1.299,00 DKK
2 in stock

2GBG/16GB, 3.5mm Audio Jack,

Item number: 7400969
2.699,00 DKK
2 in stock
Item number: 7401333
1.495,00 DKK
2 in stock

Direct connect kit, no power needed.

Item number: 7398903
849,00 DKK
1 in stock

405x423x98. Printer con.

Item number: 7400217
695,00 DKK
1 in stock

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