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At Delfi Technologies, we can help you with the BarTender label software for design and printing of labels. The BarTender software gives you the tools to easily and efficiently design labels and templates, configure and connect to data sources and other systems, and launch print commands from different systems, operating systems, and devices. The BarTender software also allows you to improve security and efficiency - while complying with rules and standards by creating and automating printing and managing labels, barcodes, RFID tags, plastic cards, and more.

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Application License + 2 Printers

Item number: 7401426
4.630,00 kr.

Application License + 2 Printers

Item number: 7401429
6.645,00 kr.

Application License + 2 Printers

Item number: 7401432
14.055,00 kr.

& Support For Printers (Per Months, Per Printers)

Item number: 7401027
22,00 kr.

Application License + 10 Printers

Item number: 7401434
38.210,00 kr.

& Support For Application (Per Month)

Item number: 7401026
34,00 kr.

Application License + 1 Printer License

Item number: 7401425
3.320,00 kr.

Requires Application License

Item number: 7401035
3.020,00 kr.

Application License + 5 Printers

Item number: 7401427
8.560,00 kr.

& Support For Printers (Per Months, Per Printers)

Item number: 7401037
50,00 kr.

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